Thought for the Day (17 February):

The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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 Thought for the Day - April


April 1

One can manifest physical objects through siddhi powers, but if he transcends them, he can manifest God Himself.


April 2

If we ask for something with intense one-pointedness, the answer comes from the Cosmic Power.


April 3

Happiness is what one experiences after having discovered the God within.


April 4

Prema is seeing the One in many. Jnana is seeing the many in One.


April 5

Sadhana ends with the attainment of Sathya.


April 6

We should realize that the love we have for others is in truth the love for the Lord who resides within them.


April 7

Only humility will give freedom from desire.


April 8

Once God enters us, little by little, our past karmas are erased.


April 9

If we catch hold of God only, all else will leave us by itself.


April 10

Our worries and tears cannot change what is predetermined. Shed those tears for God instead; convert that worry as a request for His darshan.


April 11

A mother`s sacrifice is so great that it is enough one bows down to her alone.


April 12

„God is Love” is preaching.
„Love is God” is practicing.


April 13

There is enormous power inherent in us. One can even bring five elements under control.


April 14

The mind follows where the eyes go, giving rise to desire.


April 15

When the senses are controlled, the mind is automatically controlled.


April 16

The expansion of devotion is wisdom.


April 17

When our Prema for God crosses all boundaries, the limitations of the body are also transcendented.


April 18

God resides in the heart as a spark of blue light. As our sadhana intensifies, the light encompasses our entire body.


April 19

We take birth not to be born again and again. We should die not to die again.


April 20

Truth cleanses the mind. Speaking truth is inner purity. All that is spoken by the mouth should be true.


April 21

By doing more and more sadhana, jnana expands and one attains absolute wisdom.


April 22

Victory comes when a sadhaka has conquered the darkness of ignorance.


April 23

When the mind is conscious of the external world, it is caught in attachment.


April 24

If the mind is withdrawn from the outer world and the consciousness is focused within, it is Atma.


April 25

An individual in the subtle body can translate into reality by mere feelings what a man in a physical body can only imagine.


April 26

The physical world is untruth.


April 27

The subtle world is the journey towards truth.


April 28

In the casual world one is at the frontier of truth.


April 29

In the super casual world, one merges with truth, God.


April 30

The power of unfilled desire in man is the root cause for his bondage.


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