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108 Divine Names


108 Divine Names

The secret connected with 108 divine names of Sri Vasantha Sai was disclosed in 2000. Details were revealed to devotees in Her book “Liberation Here Itself Right Now!” (part 2), published in Tamil in 2001. Two years later the book was issued in English. The names were Swami's birthday gift to Sri Vasantha Sai, His Shakthi. And it was Swami's wonderful leela.

“One day I asked Swami:

Vasantha: What gift are You going to give me for my birthday?

Swami: I shall give you 108 namas.”


29.9.2000 Morning meditation

Vasantha: Swami, they are going to write so many namas. Won't You say at least one?

Swami: Do you want Me to say one?

IMMEDIATELY HE UTTERES a few namas. After the meditation was over, I recorded them in my diary. They were nine in number .The next day Swami said: “I am going to tell 108 nama Myself.” I replied: “Please, don't Swami, I am the dust at Your feet” and I wailed.

Swami: If I tel you, you decline to write, so I shall dictate these namas to Kothai.

“We never thought that they would be told on the third day in this way. Just two days earlier Swami had completed telling these namas. Kothai had written them and taken a photocopy . She had kept the copy at the Lotus Feet of Swami. By chance she had one more copy with her on that day and she was sitting by my side.”

(“Liberation Here Itself Right Now!”, part 2, page 160)


Swami: Do not weep. Ever since the creation started no one has done what you are going to do now. With your Prema and power of penance you are going to accomplish great things.”

Saying so He TOLD FOUR NAMAS. I cried, wailed, and ran out of the pooja room. (…) Later during every meditation of mine and best suited to the respective experiences I was having, He gave the names and described their meanings.”



Since I went on saying: “I want Swami, I need this God, this incarnation of beauty, Swami said: “Look how beautiful you are! The Tamil poet says as beautiful as the lotus that bloomed on that day; but you are that lotus that bloomed just then: “Sundara Mukhaara Vindaayani.”

Vasantha: Why all this Swami? Please take me into Your very Self.

Swami: You are with me only, always. Look there is an eye on your forehead. It is not the eye that spits the fire of anger. It is the eye that beams out Jnana (wisdom). Trinetra Lalataayai. This nama is for your forehead. For your eyes Kamalaakshiyai. Your heart is as innocent and pure as that of a child. So the name Nishkalanka Hrudayaayai.

Vasantha: Swami, please do not tell these things. I cannot bear Your Prema.

Swami: Do not weep, don't. Do you know what the name for your neck is? Pranava Adharaaraayai.

I WEPT AND WEPT and ran out of the pooja room. Showing me in visions, holding the trident and riding on a lion, the act of my banishing the Karma of people, He gave the nama Shoola Paaninyani.

Swami: Attracted by your words the whole world will come searching for you. Your words will become true, Madhura Vaak Devataaayai. The entire world will worship you as Adi Shakthi , Sarva Loka Vanditha Paada Pankajayai.

LIKEWISE HE FINISHED THE 108 names. These eight namas describe eight parts of my body. On another day:

Vasantha: You gave me so many namas, let me say one: Sri Sai Paada Dhulikaayai, let it be the 108th nama. Kindly give me another seven nama relating to parts of Your body.


13.10.2000 Noon

“I had prepared a dish of ashhogourd called Pooshanika Kootu. I offered it to Swami. He said: “You are pooshanam. Sai Hastha Pooshanaayai, that means “You are my very hands.” You are a gem on My head, Sri Sai Shirasa Alankrutha Syamanthakaayai. You are the light of My eyes, Nayana Deekshanyaayai, the breath of My nistrils, Sai Naasi Vaasinyai, you are the truth of My words, Sai Kanta Haaraayai. Sathya Vaak Roopinyai. You are the garland around My neck, Sai Kanta Haaraayai.” (…)

Swami: (…)Only your Prema makes Me happy. Bliss is My food. You yourself have become My food and have satisfied My hunger , Sai Udara Vyaapakaayai.

IF WE LOOK AT THE FAMOUS verse of Swami, we can understand this better:

Love is My form
Truth is My breath
Bliss is My food.

(pages 187-190)


“Swami started telling these namas on 29.9.2000 and completed on 20.10.2000.When the notebook carrying the namas was kept at His feet, Swami sprinkled vibhuthi and blessed. The photocopy was taken on the evening of the 22nd and read out on 23rd morning! We all marveled at the wonderful leela of Swami.”

(page 161)



1. Om Sri Sai Sai Priyai Namaha

The One whose Lord is the beloved Sai.

2. Om Sri Sai Sai Hrudaya Kamala Vaasinyai Namaha
The Indweller of Sai's Lotus heart

3. Om Sri Sai Loka Kshema Samrakshakaayai Namaha
The One who safeguards the welfare of the world

4. Om Sri Sai Karma Samhaarnyai Namaha
The One who annihilates karmas

5. Om Sri Sai Paapa Vimochanaayai Namaha
The One who redeems from sin

6. Om Sri Sai Sai Priya Vadaneeyai Namaha
The One whose divine countenance is endearing to Sai

7. Om Sri Sai Moksha Pradaaynyai Namaha
The One who confers liberation

8. Om Sri Sai Nirmala Hrudayaayai Namaha
The One with the pure heart

9. Om Sri Sai Jnana Daaynyai Namaha
The Bestower of Wisdom

10. Om Sri Sai Sathya Dharma Chaarinyai Namaha
The One who walks the path of Truth and Righteousness

11. Om Sri Sai Bhava Bhaya Haarinyai Namaha
The One who vanquishes fears of worldly life

12. Om Sri Sai Premamrutha Vaarinyai Namaha
The One overflowing with the Divine Nectar of Prema

13. Om Sri Sai Jnanaagni Daayinyai Namaha
The Giver of the fire of Wisdom

14. Om Sri Sai Aashritha Rakshakaayai Namaha
The One who protects those seeking refuge

15. Om Sri Sai Nava Durgaayai Namaha
The One who is the nine forms of Durga

16. Om Sri Sai Ananda Roopinyai Namaha
The One who is the embodiment of Bliss

17. Om Sri Sai Navaratna Khachitha Simhaasanyai Namaha
The One seated on the Throne of 9 Gems

18. Om Sri Sai Sarvabheesta Pradaayai Namaha
The Fulfiller of all good aspirations

19. Om Sri Sai Madhura Vaak Devataayai Namaha
The Goddess of sweet speech

20. Om Sri Sai Sarva Devata Swaroopaayai Namaha
The veritable embodiment of all Goddesses

21. Om Sri Sai Aadi-Antha Rahithaayai Namaha

The One without beginning or end

22. Om Sri Sai Sundara Mukhaaravindaayai Namaha

The One with the lotus face of divine beauty

23. Om Sri Sai Nishkalanka Hrudayaayai Namaha

The One whose heart is innocent and flawless

24. Om Sri Sai Tri-netra Lalatalyai Namaha

One who has the third eye on the forehead

25. Om Sri Sai Kamalaakshiyai Namaha

The One who has lotus eyes

26. Om Sri Sai Pranava-adhaaraayai Namaha

The One who is the source of Omkara

27. Om Sri Sai Sristhji Sthithi Samhaarinyai Namaha

The One who creates, sustains and destroys

28. Om Sri Sai Sindoora Varna Adhara Shobithaayai Namaha

The One whose lips glow with red color

29. Om Sri Sai Apa Roopa Dehinyai Namaha

The One whose body is beyond form

30. Om Sri Sai Shadguna Sampannaayai Namaha

The One who is the treasure house of the 6 divine virtues

31. Om Sri Sai Apamrothyu Naashakaayai Namaha

The One who wards off untimely death

32. Om Sri Sai Maatru Dayaa-roopinyai Namaha

The Embodiment of Motherly Compassion

33. Om Sri Sai Triloka Maathaayai Namaha

The Mother of 3 Worlds

34. Om Sri Sai Saadhana-Priyaayai Namaha

The One to whom spiritual practices are dearest

35. Om Sri Sai Saadhaka Priyaayai Namaha

The One who loves spiritual aspirants

36. Om Sri Sai Mukthi Sthala Vaasinyai Namaha

The One whose abode is Liberation

37. Om Sri Sai Nava Vedamaarga Sthaapanayai Namaha

The One who established the path of the New Veda

38. Om Sri Sai Chaturveda Sthuthyaayai Namaha

The One who is worshiped and praised by the 4 Vedas

39. Om Sri Sai Athi Athbhutha Charyaayai Namaha

The One whose feats are unsurpassed

40. Om Sri Sai Pavitra Atma Dehinyai Namaha

The One who has the body of Pure Atma

41. Om Sri Sai Duritha Nivaarinyai Namaha

The One who deftly removes all evil

42. Om Sri Sai Nityaananda Lalataayai Namaha

The One who is merged in Eternal Bliss

43. Om Sri Sai Kshara Akshara Roopinyai Namaha

The One who embodies perishable and permanent

44. Om Sri Sai Moha Kshayaayai Namaha

The Destroyer of the worldly attachments

45. Om Sri Sai Prema Maarga Bodhakaayai Namaha

The One who teaches the Path of Prema

46. Om Sri Sai Chanchala Naashakaayai Namaha

The One who destroys the unsteadiness of the mind

47. Om Sri Sai Shoola Paaninyai Namaha

The One who has the trident as a weapon

48. Om Sri Sai Swayam Jyothi Prakaashanaayai Namaha

The shining self effulgent One

49. Om Sri Sai Swayambhu Linga Avaahanaayai Namaha

The One who empowers the Linga with life force

50. Om Sri Sai Ksheera Samudra Avirbhaavaayai Namaha

The One who has emerged from the Ocean of Milk

51. Om Sri Sai Jitendriyaaaayai Namaha

The One who has conquered the senses

52. Om sri Sai Madhura Madhukara Vachaneeyai Namaha

The One who speaks words sweet as honey

53. Om Sri Sai Loka Shoka Nirmoolyayai Namaha

The Goddess of the 9 Worlds

54. Om Sri Sai Nava Loka Kanyai Namaha

The One who destroys completely the sorrows of the world

55. Om Sri Sai Sarva Jeeva Dayaa-roopinyai Namaha

The One who is compassionate to all forms of life

56. Om Sri Sai Kaama Dahanaayai Namaha

The One who burns away desires

57. Om Sri Sai Gitachaarinyai Namaha

The One who walks the Path of Gita

58. Om Sri Sai Sydha Satwa Sthithaayai Namaha

The One who is established in Pure Consciousness

59. Om Sri Sai Aavirbhaava Dehinyai Namaha

The One from whose body Sai emerged

60. Om Sri Sai Jnana Vairaagya Roopinyai Namaha

The One who is the form of wisdom and dispassion

61. Om Sri Sai Deva Gandharva Vandithaayai Namaha

The One worshiped by celestial beings

62. Om Sri Sai Munijana Sevitaayai Namaha

The One who is revered by sages and saints

63. Om Sri Sai Sarva Vyaapakaayai Namaha

The all pervading One

64. Om Sri Sai Chinmaya Dehinyai Namaha

The One whose body is Pure Consciousness

65. Om Sri Sai Sai Chit Shakthi Roooinyai Namaha

The One who is Omniscient

66. Om Sri Sai Ashtaakshara Priyaayai Namaha

The One who likes 8-lettered mantra

67. Om Sri Sai Jagan Mohana Roopaayai Namaha

The One whose form pleases the Universe

68. Om Sri Sai Vedahama Anushtaana Priyaayai Namaha

The One who loves to follow Vedic Scriptures

69. Om Sri Sai Sharanaagatha Rakshanaayai Namaha

The Protector of those who surrender at Her lotus feet

70. Om Sri Sai Trikala Jnana Sampannaayai Namaha

The Knower of past, present and future

71. Om Sri Sai Sarva Yogasidhi Pradaayai Namaha

The One who bestows all Yogic Powers

72. Om Sri Sai Sthothra Santushtaayai Namaha

The One who is ever content chanting Sai's name.

73. Om Sri Sai Akhandaaakaara Roopinyai Namaha

The One who is Omnipresent

74. Om Sri Sai Vaak Ateetha Prabhaavaayai Namaha

The One whose glories are beyond words

75. Om Sri Sai Samastha Loka Abhaya Pradaayinyai Namaha

The One who saves the world from all fears

76. Om Sri Sai Samastha Loka Mukthi Pradaayinyai Namaha

The Giver of Liberation to the whole world

77. Om Sri Sai Gitamrutha Upaasinyai Namaha

The One who practices the essence of Gita

78. Om Sri Sai Priya Deviyai Namaha

The Goddess who is beloved of Sai

79. Om Sri Sai Sathya Poshanaayai Namaha

The one who fosters Truth

80. Om Sri Sai Chidaakasha Vaasinyai Namaha

The One who dwells in the heart space

81. Om Sri Sai Sarva Yaaga Davataayai Namaha

The Goddess of all sacred fires

82. Om Sri Sai Vidya Vaahinyai Namaha

The vehicle of Wisdom

83. Om Sri Sai Shatru Kshamaayai Nanaha

The One who forgives Her enemies

84. Om Sri Sai Sarva Loka Vanditha Paada Pankajaayai Namaha

The One whose lotus feet are worshipped by all

85. Om Sri Sai Sarva Bhoota Hitha Priyaayai Namaha

The One who wants immortality for all beings

86. Om Sri Sai Sai Hrudayaananda Daayinyai Namaha

The One who gives Bliss to Sai's Heart

87. Om Sri Sai Sai Sahaayayai Namaha

The One who supports Sai

88. Om Sri Sai Pancha-dashaakshariyai Namaha

The One who has become the 15-lettered mantra

89. Om Sri Sai Thaapa-Thraya Vimochanaayai Namaha

The One who redeems the 3 sorrows of body, mind and soul

90. Om sri Sai Sai Jeevanaayai Namaha

The One who is the very life of Sai

91. Om Sri Sai Triloka Kutumbinyai Namaha

The One with 3 worlds as family

92. Om Sri Sai Swarna Nilaya Vaasinyai Namaha

The resident of the Golden Abode

93. Om Sri Sai Tejomayaayai Namaha

The One who is supremely resplendent

94. Om Sri Sai Ramaneeya Roopinyai Namaha

The One whose form is most enchanting

95. Om Sri Sai Nava Bhakthi Upaasanaayai Namaha

The One who practices 9 forms of devotion

96. Om Sri Sai Aparajitaayai Namaha

The One who is invincible

97. Om Sri Sai Loka Paripaalinyai Namaha

The Guardian of the World

98. Om Sri Sai Radha Roopinyai Namaha

The Embodiment of Radha

99. Om Sri Sai Sai Bhandanaayai Namaha

The One who binds Sai

100. Om Sri Sai Akhanda Sat Chit Ananda Swaroopinyai Namaha

The One who is Eternal Truth, Wisdom and Bliss

101. Om Sri Sai Hastha Booshanaayai Namaha

The One who is the ornament on Sai's hand

102. Om Sri Sai Sai Shirasa-alankrutha Syamanthakaayai Namaha

The One who is the jewel adorning the crown of Sai

103. Om Sri Sai Sai Nayana Deekshanyaayai Namaha

The One who has become the all perceiving eyes of Sai

104. Om Sri Sai Sai Naasi Vaasinyai Namaha

The One who lives in Sai's breath

105. Om Sri Sai Sai Sathyavaak Roopinyai Namaha

The One who is Sai's words of Truth

106. Om Sri Sai Sai Kanta Haaraayai Namaha

The One who is the garland around the neck of Sai

107. Om Sri Sai Udara Vyaapakaayai Namaha

The One who has filled the stomach of Sai

108. Om Sri Sai Sai Paada Dhulikaayai Namaha

The One who is the dust of Sai's feet

(Mukthi Nilayam Prayer Book, pages 15-27)


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