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Changing the Five Elements


Changing the Five Elements

In the Sathya Yuga everything will be beautiful, unblemished, divine. That is why according to the instruction of Sri Sathya Sai Baba on the day of the inauguration of the Sathya Yuga during the auspicious yagna on October 22nd 2010, organized in a new shrine Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam, Sri Vasantha Sai wore a parrot green sari, symbolizing fresh, spring green color. It took place in the evening and coincided with Amma's birthday on October 23rd, 2010.

The purifying process is taking place now. Five elements - Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are changed. In accordance with Sri Sathya Sai Baba's the divine plan first five divine children participate in His Sathya Yuga Mission. They were born by feelings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's and His Shakthi, Sri Vasantha Sai. Nine divine children were born by Bhagavan's and His Shakthi divine alchemy.

Here are the details about the changing of the five elements, which can be found in a book by Sri Vasantha Sai: “AVATAR'S SECRET”. Part 1.

“Today Swami gave two printed pages. The pages show how the five elements will be purified through the five divine children. These five children have already been born and each represents one of the five elements. (…) The five children are: Sai Aswin Kumar, Sai Krupananda, Sai Sanathana, Sai Sanat Kumar and Sai Prema.


Deepavali Day

Q: How will you help in purifying the Five Elements. How?

Sai Aswin Kumar: My element is Space, which is connected to ear and sound. I will make every ear on Earth listen to the mantra “Om Sai Ram” and “Om Sri Sai Vasantha Saiesaiya Namaha”. I will perform Prema Yagna. The entire space will resound with the mantra. People will forget their own names , chanting the divine names of Amma and Swami. All will sing only their glorious stories.

Sai Krupananda: My element is Air, which is connected to skin and touch. I will fill the air with the warmth of Vasantha Sai Prema that will be carried around the world. All will become Vasanthamayam: brathing her Prema. All will touch God, everyone's skin will be Radha Krishna merger color.

Sai Sanathana: My element is Fire, which is connected to eye and vision. I will stick Amma's and Swami's pictures everywhere, like in Mukthi Nilayam. Only “Sai in all eyes “ Eyes will not blink, seeing the divine forms. My fire of wisdom will burn the veil of Maya.

Sai Sanat Kumar: My element is Water, which is connected to tongue and taste. I will raise the Mukthi flag in every nation of the world. The amrit of eternal life will flow in all rivers and seas. Tongues will not know any other taste than the sweetness of Sai and Vasantha Prema. All will bathe in amrit, drink amrit and live only on amrit.

Sai Prema: My element is the Earth and it is connected to the nose and smell. I will grow fresh blossoms from Mother Earth's Vishwagarbha. Vasantha jasmines will spill everywhere; even men will start wearing Prema flowers. Their divine perfume will transport Earth to the heavens of love.

Q: You all have such unique tasks and all is very inspiring. Have you chosen any special place for your work?

Sai Aswin Kumar: I will work mainly in the skies, so that the vibration of mantra will spread far and wide. Due to this, the triple diseases of mind, body and soul will disappear.

Sai Krupananda: I will work ,mainly in the kitchen, hearts can be touched easily through the stomach. All will do Prema Nivedhan and get Sathya Prasad.

Sai Sanathana: I will work mainly in the lower worlds, which are in darkness of ignorance. My fire of wisdom will illuminate all hearts.



Let us look in more detail at what Swami has written. Swami writes how five of the divine children come to Mukthi Nilayam on the day of Deepavali. (…) Sai Aswin Kumar is the representative of the element Space which is connected to the ear and sound. (…) all will chant Swami's and Amma's name and forget their own names. All will read the Satcharitha and chant their glories.

Sai Krupananda is the representative of the element Air which connects with skin and touch. He tells that the air will fill with Prema and all become Vasanthamayam. This is what all will breath. Through this Prema, all will touch only God. As the skin of all is covered with Radha and Krishna Prema, Swami's and my feelings will mix in all. (…)

Sai Sanathana is the representative of Fire; this connects to the eyes and vision. Here in Mukthi Nilayam, wherever we look we see only Swami and I. Swami is in the eyes of all only. No one ever blinks, seeing these divine forms. (...)In the Sathya Yuga the entire world will be like Mukthi Nilayam. Mukthi Nilayam is a model for Sathya Yuga.

Sai Sanat Kumar is for the element of Water, which connects with the tongue and taste. (…) The tongues will not know anything else than the taste of Swami's and my Prema. All will taste the sweetness of our Prema, bathe in amrit, drink amrit and live in amrit. This is the state of Jeevan Mukthi. This is the eternal, immortal nectarine state of God.

Sai Prema is the representative of the Earth and connects with nose and smell. (…) The new Earth is born from the Vishwagarbha. Our divine fragrance makes the Earth Vaikunta. Swami told that from Deepavali the five elements will change. Now through this, He is showing how they change. The entire space fills with the vibration of the mantra that unites us: “Om Sri Sai Vasantha Saiesaiya Namaha”, curing the diseases of body, mind and spirit.(...)

Wind (Air) will be mainly in the kitchen. Pure food is the reason for the change in people's hearts. When we eat Satvic food, the heart becomes pure. When we prepare food as prasad and it is offered to God, it is called Nivedhan. If we cook with the attitude that we are offering it to God, the food becomes Sathya Prasad.(...) The food that we eat is the reason for touch feeling. For this reason, Swami gives great importance to food. Food must become Sathya Prasad.

The main work for Agni is in the lower worlds of the body; in the stomach as Vaishvara Agni, the digestive fire. Vaishvara Agni functions in the stomach and removes the darkness of ignorance. The Mooladhara chakra in the lower part of the body is the reason for all. It is the reason for ignorance and wisdom...If the Shakthi is awakened and rises upward, it gives wisdom. By the light of wisdom, the heart becomes illuminated and we are filled with wisdom.

Swami then asks Sai Krupananda to connect the three words: “Amma, Swami and Sai Krupananda.” He tells that he will touch the feet of Amma and Swami and that Krupa is here to show the feet of all which path to walk on.(...) The touch feeling is to only touch God. He will then show everyone the path to attain God.”

(pages 82-86)

“Swami took all the chapters of this book during darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall. He also gave the picture for the cover of this book.”


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