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Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Divine Powers


Divine Powers

Awatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the first Avatar who incarnated on the Earth in the Kali Yuga. He is empowered – like the Avatar Sri Krishna – with sixteen divine attributes. As His avataric task is great, He descended with enormous powers. The Avataric Mission is to introduce the Sathya Yuga for one thounsand years into the Kali Yuga which lasts 432 000 years. In the Kali Yuga Dharma stands only on one leg. The powers of evil are tremendous.

Thus, Bhagavan divided Himself into two. Sri Vasantha Sai is His Second Half. She is not only His Shakthi, but She is also the embodiment of Prema and compassion. It is Sri Vasantha Sai who by Her powerful penance and ever lasting tears won God's Grace for the universal liberation of all the beings in the world.

Other divine powers also help the most powerful Avatar in His mission. Mysteries are revealed in a wonderful book by Sri Vasantha Sai “Avatar's Secret” part 2. Every chapter of this book had been taken by Sri Sathya Sai Baba who willed His Mahasamadhi in April 2011.



Lord Shiva: Our daughter will be born on Earth again

Parvathi:  (surprised) Again born on Earth? Why again?! How much she suffered before? Again a birth?

Shiva:     Yes, but this time we will be born as her parents.

Parvathi: (again surprised) What are you saying my Lord?

Shiva:     Sure, it is real. She will be born on Earth again.

End of vision. (page 36)


Swami:   This happened. Your parents are aspects of Shiva and Shakthi.

Vasantha: Swami, before You told many things. Now You say Shiva and Parvathi....I do not believe You. How were they aspects of God? They committed many mistakes. I also had many faults in my young age. I am not Your Shakthi.

Swami:   Do not cry. Listen to what I say. In your family all lived in separation. All were devas. None can live on this Earth without some fault. In this drama, the actors take many roles. After finishing the play, all remove their costumes and make up and go to their own homes. It is in this way that many have come from heaven and are acting in this drama. Your parents and my parents are aspects of Shiva and Shakthi.

Vasantha: Swami, shall I write this?

Swami:   Yes, you write. This is why we are born as aspects of Shiva and Shakthi.

Vasantha: I am afraid. You confirm this. Let a flower fall or You take my chapter.

End of meditation


“Now this is something new. Swami is saying that both His and my parents are aspects of Shiva and Parvathi. When Radha's feelings were roaming in Space, it was Shiva and Parvathi who gave form to those feelings and bestowed the child, Radha, to Vrishabhanu. The same Radha is born as me in this Age.” (page 37)

“In my vision of mount Kailash, Shiva danced the Rudra Tandava and threatened Kaladeva. It is through this that Swami showed my father is an aspect of Lord Shiva. As a proof now, He has given the pendant. As soon as I saw the picture with the moustache (Swami pasted the picture at the back of Sri Vasantha Sai's book “My Father's Diary” - a translator's note), I said: “My Father!' What I thought was correct.

Though my father was a staunch Vaishnavite, he saw all gods as One. As a young man, he went on pilgrimage to Northern India, walking to Kedarinath and Badrinath and visiting all the Vishnu and Shiva temples.

My mother's name was Vedavali, yet she knew nothing of the Vedas. Her whole heart was for Krishna only. She kept a picture of Krishna with her always and would cry to it. Swami recently gave a paper “Cosmic Explosion”, writing of my father and mother's penance. There, it tells of how my mother always cried for God and her Lord taking her when she was very young .” (page 38)

“Whenever devas commit any mistake, they are born on Earth. It is only on Earth that man can attain God. This cannot happen in any of other worlds. This is the reason Swami says that human birth is rare. Only through human birth one is able to attain God. Thus, the devas can only live on the Earth if they make mistakes. In my family my father, both maternal and paternal uncles lived in separation from their families. Why? These appear to be mistakes, but they are for the task of the Avatar.”

“After Swami told me about our parent's being aspects of Shiva and Shakthi, I randomly opened “Sathya Sai Speaks”, volume 7, page 158 and it read:

“ identified as Shiva – swarupam....

(Intrigued, I turned the page back and read.)

“Vairagya, detachment, Bhakthi, devotion and surrender and Jnanam, realisation of the Supreme Reality to which they lead – these three are represented by the Trishula in Shiva's hands. Develop Jnana through the stages of Vairagya and Bhaklthi, then, you can be identified as Shiva Swarupam...”

What a wonderful proof (…) that my form is only from Shiva and Parvathi, the parents of both Swami and I. (pages 38-39)


11 January 2011 Morning meditation

Vasantha: Swami, You have told about our fathers, now tell about our mothers?

Swami:   Okay, I will tell. Your mother is Veda Mata. Veda Mata is in truth your mother. It is for this reason her name is Vedavalli in two ages.

Vasantha: Okay Swami, now tell about Your mother.

Swami:   Wisdom takes a form and is joined by Kasturi's aspect. Who can carry Adi Moolam and Adi Shakthi in their womb?

Vasantha: Okay Swami, now I will write.

End of meditation


Swami said the Vedas are born as my mother. In Kali Yuga and Sathya Yuga, my mother comes with the name Vedavalli. As I am born from the first sound of the Vedas, “Agni Meelay”, it is very suitable. I practice and demonstrate each Vdic code in my life. I have followed all moral codes strictly in my life. (…) As I am born from Swami, Vedic codes are mixed in my blood.” (pages 109-110)

“Now who is Swami's mother? Jnana Saraswathi herself is born as Swami's mother. The complete wisdom joins with Professor Kasturi's aspect. Swami Said that His parents in this Avatar are aspects of Indra and Indrani. In the next Avatar, Prema Sai's parents are wisdom and Nithya Suri. Swami is complete wisdom, omniscience, Sarvajnana, the Primal Source. Who can come as His mother? Only the totality of wisdom in the form of a woman can. She alone can carry Him in her womb. No one else can carry Adi Moolam.” (page 110)


15 January 2011 Evening meditation

Vasantha: Swami, tell about Your grandfather. You have not say anything. I also forgot about him. Yesterday when I was reading Your book, I read about Your grandfather and immediately remembered.

Swami:   Come, let us go. I will tell you...
Once Lord Brahma asked Mahavishnu: “I am always performing the task of creating. Once I would like to come with You and see Your leelas.' Mahavishnu replied: “Okay. When I take Avatar again, you will be born on Earth.” He came as My grandfather and Sarasvathi as My grandmother. Because they were not with Me all the time, they will be born again in the Prema Sai Avatar and stay with us.

Vasantha: Now I understand Swami, I will write. (…)

End of meditation


“Now let us see about this. Yesterday I looked in “Sathya Sai Speaks” volume 32, part one and read of Swami's grandfather Kondama Raju and thought why did I not write about him? When I asked Swami, He told how Lord Brahma asked Mahavishnu to let Him come to see His leelas.” (page 117)

 “Kondama Raju was a great jnani. After he had a vision of the future, he asked that Easwaramma's name (Swami's mother – translator's note) be changed. Her original name was Namagiriamma, but was changed to Easwaramma.

Kondama Raju had four sons. Since there was some difference of opinion, it was decided to divide the property between them. Swami was 8 years old at the time. The brothers requested Kondama Raju to spend the rest of his life staying with each one of them in turn. Kondama Raju did not want any share of the property and said: “I do not want to stay with you, I do not expect anything from you. But give me one property, Sathya.”

Everyday Swami cooked food for His grandfather and then walked to Bukkapatnam to attend school. At 1 p.m. He would run back to Puttaparthi, serve lunch to Kondama Raju and after taking His own lunch, rush back to school. Kondama Raju lived 116 years. In answer to his prayer, Swami gave him water with His divine hands in his last moments.

All there events prove that Kondama Raju was Brahma. This is why he knew who Swami was from childhood. When he comes next, he will come as Swami's grandfather. Brahma and Saraswathi are Swami's grandfather and grandmother and will come and will live with us.“ (page 118)

Swami's parents – Pedda Venkama Raju and Easwaramma; His grandfather - Kondama Raju.


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