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Divine Powers of Hindu Women


Divine Powers of Hindu Women

Granting an interview at Prashanthi Nilayam in 2009, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba disclosed a new mystery: there are four contemporary Hindu women who have avataric powers. Sri Vasantha Sai is among them. The event was mentioned in a book “Satcharitha”, published in 2010. This time there are two names of the authors on the cover of the book: Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Vasantha Sai.

In connection with the book Swami talked to Sri Vasantha Sai during Her meditation. He has started to talk to Her in meditation since 1996.

“This book will create spiritual revolution throughout the world. You did penance with a burning desire in your heart for liberation. Thus, you are able to create that thirst in every heart. All who read this book will experience a new awakening in their minds that will create a desire to reach the peak of spirituality. This is a sacred task, In a world filled with problems and difficulties, this is the New Veda. It is Supreme Knowledge. They will cherish this “Satcharitha” as a treasure.”

(From the back cover of the book)


“Recently a Japanese boy came to the Ashram to see us. His name is Toshi. On the 26 December 2009, he had been contemplating whether to come to the Ashram or not. By chance he bumped into a German devotee known to him as Anke. She told him that one day one of her friends, an Indian boy had had an interview with Swami. The boy asked about female avatars in India. Swami told the boy: “There are four avatars here, Mata Amrithanandamayi, Mother Meera, Om Amma.” She could not recall the fourth one. Then Toshi asked, “Is it Vasantha Sai?” The woman asked if he could spell it for her. Toshi wrote out Vasantha Sai. When he gave the woman the piece of paper, she immediately began to cry. Toshi told us, “The woman caught hold of Vasantha Sai's energy.” Anke then said: “I think she is the fourth Avatar.” Toshi told her: “She is an incarnation of Radha.” The woman then told, “It was only yesterday Swami told in His Christmas discourse: “Krishna is Radha, Radha is Krishna.”

(“Satcharitha”, page 216)


“Who is Vasantha Sai? Many have asked this question to which there are innumerable answers. Why is this? Devotees in India and around the world see me in many different ways. Those who have been cured from incurable diseases, diseases which the doctor could not cure, have been healed. Those devotees see me as Danvanthri, which is in me cures them. The power of Danvanthri, which is in me, cures them. For those who could not speak, I wrote the Vasantha Sai mantra on their tongue and they began to talk. Saraswathi Shakthi was also useful for them. Thus, they see me as Saraswathi. Many came to me as their marriage had not been fixed. I gave them Savithri Shakthi and they benefited. They, therefore, see me as Savithri Devi. For some, the life of their husband was coming to an end, but through my prayers life was extended. I gave the Mangalya, which I wore around my neck, exchanging it for a new one. These people see me as Durga.

Swami then asked me to go and stay in some houses for three nights to remove their karmas. I went and stayed in many houses. These devotees consider me as Mahishasura Mardhini. I have given many people Yoga Shakthi to balance their spiritual and worldly lives. For some I gave Atma Sanyas. As I helped some yogis and sanyasis to make spiritual progress, they consider me as their guru.

Some people have told me that I protect them from danger. Others tell that I come and speak with them in their own language! I have been seen in many different parts of the world. It is in this way I have been revealed in innumerable ways. Yet, who am I in truth? Who am I really? I may take thousands of forms, but who am I?

All agree on one point that I am a simple, humble embodiment of selfless love. My Prema and devotion for God incarnate, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is unparalleled. It is for this reason my Prema for Swami has made me “mad”, possessed me. I have had no interest in anything of this world for the last 72 years. I have renounced all and I am only crying for Him. I want Him alone. I may have taken thousands of forms and helped many, but my mind is always on Swami. I do not want the form of the devas and devathas, I want only to be the dust of Swami's Feet.”

(“Avatar's Secret”, pages 49-50)


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