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How the World Axis Changes


How the World Axis Changes

Public media and the internet are full of news about the Earth Axis Changes. But no one knows the real, spiritual meaning of the process. No one knows that it is connected with the penance and sufferings of Sri Vasantha Sai, Swami's Shakthi and the dawn of the Sathya Yuga. Swami explained everything in detail to Amma in a wonderful way. Here is one chapter on the subject from Amma`s book “Sai Amrit Leela”, part 3, which was written in 2009/2010 and which has not been published yet.


(Chapter 54) How the World Axis Changes

In the previous chapter, I wrote that my life has been seventy-two years of Margolis, full of penance, fasting, austerities. Andal’s Margolis lasted 3o days. My austerities did not end after one month; I have done 72 years of continuous penance; night and day. After translation was finished, I asked them to look for Swami’s blessings. He found a piece of paper in my manuscript notes.

1. Breaths /Minute = 18 x 60 x 24
= 25920 Per Day

2. Precessional Cycle
Zodiacs Shift 10 every 72 years Around Earth
Therefore Full Circle = 360 x 72
= 25920 Years

3. Kali Yuga = 432,000
Dwapara Yuga = 864,000
Tretha Yuga = 1296,000
= 2592,000 Years

We could not understand what it meant, and sat discussing and analysing the meaning.

18 December 2009 Meditation:

Vasantha: What have You written Swami?

Swami: Your every breath is for God. So according to your age, three Yugas will change and Sathya Yuga dawn. You said that you have had 72 years of Margolis; Andal only one month. You told that you have performed 72 years of penance and austerity. I am showing how your every breath is changing the world.

Vasantha: Swami, for Sathya Yuga dawn another year?

Swami: One year here is equal to one day for the Devas. Uttarayana is daytime for the Devas, this month of Margolis month is Ushatkalam, the dawn. Krishna Showed His Viswaroopa, His form of time. Time is eating mankind. You’re Viswaroopa, changes time. Your each and every breath is changing time.

Vasantha: Swami, you wrote three Kalams?

Swami: There has been no waste in your seventy years; I am showing how each breath functions; how the nine planets change. This is the changing of the Yuga.

End of Meditation

My every breath is only yearning for God. Andal performed thirty days of penance in the month of Margolis. I have no particular month, every minute I am crying and yearning for God. Swami is showing this through the calculation, how each breath is changing the world. I am breathing 25920 times per day. If we multiply this by my seventy-two years, it adds up to the time of the three Yugas, 2,592,000 years. The Cosmic cycle functions perfectly, nothing changes, the 12 zodiac constellations and other stars move according to how they and are meant to function. The nine planets also function according to this Universal order. Every seventy-two years there is a change and the earth’s Axis shifts by 1 degree. At this time, there are many changes in the world, some very big occurrences. The entire cycle takes 25,920 years to complete, to move through 360 degrees.

This is what Swami has indicated and shown how the three parts are all the same. My seventy-two years of breathing and the time span of the three Yugas equal the same. All have the same breath, same time, yet, what is the special in my breath? I am breathing only for Swami. Each and every breath is and has been for God only. I want to live with God. For this the Sathya Yuga is coming. At the end of my 72 years, the Sathya Yuga will begin. Now we are in the month of Margolis. For Devas it is Ushatkalam or the dawn. It is the beginning of Thai’s Uttarayana, the beginning of the Devas day. Now is the time of the dawn of the Sathya Yuga. This dawn will last one year, next year Sathya Yuga will begin in full.

Lord Krishna showed His Viswaroopa Time form to Arjuna. This form of God is verily eating humankind. Thus the Mahabharata war shows destruction. My Viswaroopa consumes time, it does not kill anyone but transforms instead. Thus the Sathya Yuga is coming. There, Krishna’s form of time was swallowing mankind; here my form is swallowing time. It is for this reason the Sathya Yuga is coming, while Kali still has more years to remaining.

In the Mayan Agama Shashtra it tells that the Stupi is the world’s axis. It has been constructed according to this Stupi built according to this scripture. My every breath and each feeling is absorbed by the Stupi and pouring them to the world outside. Thus the world is changing. My breath is, ‘I want to marry God, Swami is my life force’. Each breath is for Him; I am living only for Him. This, my continuous feeling has become the world axis. Within the world axis are all the feelings that exist in creation. In the same way, all the feelings that are for the New creation are inside the Stupi. Each and everything in Creation is under the Stupi’s control.

... ‘The radiations of energy emanating from this Stupi pass as vibrations and they manifest in to various universal forms. The Sankalpa that Sathya Yuga should come should be fulfilled. When the time for Sathya Yuga comes, it kindles the vibration to change all. My feelings become the vibrations, which go through the Stupi and strike all, changing everything. According to the scriptures, the Stupi is a Shiva lingam. It stands in the centre of the Space and is surrounded by the five Prakarman. These five Prakarams are the Shakthi. In between these two Creation comes.

I was born seventy-two years ago. It was then the time was all set correctly. I was born from Swami as a light. I am not born from human beings. Since birth, I have cried for God. The same feeling that existed in me at the time of my birth makes a New creation that is born from God now. Everything is born from Sathya now, under the same circumstance as my birth. This is a new world where there is only Sathya and Prema. A new creation born directly from God, without mixing. It is in this way, the New Yuga is born. Only my feelings will function. Only my feelings alone will function. The Stupi is the axis of the world. It controls all the feelings in every aspect of creation. After seventy-two years, it becomes Prema Avatar time, the golden age. It is only after I performed seventy-two years of penance that the Stupi has begun to function outside. This is not an ordinary penance; it is a penance marked by each breath taken over seventy-two years. In the manuscript for ‘Bliss Bliss Bliss’ part two, Swami wrote,

“The sacrifice and compassion that is pouring from you, breaks through the Sahasrara and becomes the nectar of immortality, it is this vibration that is changing the world.”

I wanted to write more about this subject...

Swami compared my breath to the shifting of the Universal Axis. My breath is only ‘I want Swami, I want Swami’. These feelings never leave me for one minute. Swami told that one takes 18 breaths per minute, 25,920 a day. Then through a calculation, He revealed how the world’s axis shifts by 1 degree, every seventy-two years. Yet, one thing He forgot. My every thought, each second is ‘I want Swami’. A clock functions according to the second, minute and hour hand. All do their work correctly and perfectly. Whatever happens on the outside, nothing affects it. In the same way, this body is a clock. It is born from God. All within this body functions accordingly, all comes from God. Thus, each part of this body functions correctly. The breath tells, ‘I want Swami’, the heart is yearning for Him. The eyes waiting to see Him; the ears yearning for His voice. The body desires His sparshan. In this way, each part is daily yearning for Him. That is 60 x 60 x 24 = 864,000 daily calling Swami. If you 360 x 864, the how many? If this is then multiplied by 72 years? If you add all this up, the three Yugas account will be finished. This one pointed thought is going through the Stupi. It awakens the Omnipresent God, who is in all Creation. God awakens in everything, and the world changes. This is Sathya Yuga. It is due to this that the New creation is born.

Another thought. If anyone makes a mistake, I myself take the punishment. When my children committed errors, I gave myself the punishment. I would only eat once or twice a day, not using any salt. It is in this way, I gave myself many punishments. The children would cry, “Please eat, I will never make that mistake again; you eat, you eat.” This habit continues in me even now. I have taken on myself the sins and mistakes of all in the world, as I think that all in the world are my children. I take all Karmas and am living in separation from Swami as a punishment. I am crying in separated from the One who is inseparable from me. I am crying wailing and suffering. I have taken the karmas of the world in my body. I wore the nine planets as ornaments, so the world would not have to suffer the effects. I have been suffering for 72 years like this. Due to this suffering and crying, the world is not able to bear my tears. Thus, the world’s axis shifts. This unbearable Prema and compassion is pouring on the world and turning it upside down. Unable to bear these vibrations the world’s axis is shifting and changing, Kali Yuga is being transformed into the Sathya Yuga.


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