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Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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In Sathya Loka


In Sathya Loka

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba takes Sri Vasanthę Sai, His Shakthi in Her meditation to Sathya Loka. She witnesses the talk between Brahma and Sarasvathi, the Goddess of Wisdom. We learn about their role in Swami's Avataric task. Again some incredible secrets of Divine Alchemy are disclosed. It is due to Sri Vasantha Sai's overflowing Prema.



Brahma says: Saraswathi, we will be born on Earth.

Saraswathi asks: Creation is our job, why should we go to the world and take birth?

Brahma: Yes, you will create with wisdom.

Saraswathi: How does wisdom take form?

Brahma: I will create Sathyam and Prema bodies, you fill wisdom within. Narada you paste your tambura in the hearts of all. Then all will only chant the name of Narayana.

Narada tells: Yes, Father. I will do.

Brahma: Hey, Sanat Kumara, come, come. You will function in all and remove their koshas. You make them all innocent children like you.

Sanat Kumara: Okay Father, we will do as You ask.

End of vision


Swami: You see how all have one role in our task. Through this, we show that we are all.

End of meditation


“Let us see. In the vision of Sathya Loka, Swami showed a conversation between Brahma Deva and Sarasvathi. Brahma tells that they will be born on Earth. Sathya and Prema will become the form of people bodies. Every male living will be Sathya and every female living will be Prema. Brahma will create these bodies. Saraswathi will then fill these empty forms with wisdom.

In New Creation no one will have the old impressions of previous births. Saraswathi will fill her wisdom in each and every empty form in the Creation. In the New Creation each body will be either Sathya or Prema. These empty vessels will be filled with wisdom and then take birth.

Narada is Brahma Manasa Putra, born from the mind of Brahma. He is ever roaming in the three worlds, chanting the name of Narayana and playing his tambura. It is for this reason, Brahma Deva asks him to “paste” his tambura in the heart of all in the New Creation. Man will then spend his whole life chanting the name of Lord Narayana. The four Kumaras are also born from the mind of Brahma. They are in the form of small naked children and always with Lord Narayana. Brahma asks them to enter all and remove the five koshas.
It is only if man separates the five koshas that he attains God. Through the path of sadhana, man moves higher and higher; the chakras of Kundalini open and the five sheaths separate. These Brahma Kumaras, children of Brahma will perform this task. All will become as children, with childlike innocent hearts. Then alone one can attain Mukthi. Jesus told that it was not possible to enter the kingdom of heaven unless one becomes like a child.

It is due to this that the first four of the nine gem children Swami gave to me, were the aspects of the four Kumaras: Sanaka, Sanathana, Sanat Kumar and Sanat Sujatha. Swami showed this to me in 1999. In the same way now, New Creation is born through our feelings of Sathya and Prema; all will be born to us like them. Just as I emptied myself in the beginning,now all will be born empty. I have written about this in the book “Beyond the Upanishads”, which is the seed of the new yuga. Here I describe, step by step, how New Creation is born through my feelings. First is through “Samskara Operation”. I perform this through my feelings, removing all samskaras and pasting feelings of Sathya or Prema within. There will only be Swami's and my feelings in the new Creation. Brahma Deva creates each body as Sathya or Prema. Inside these forms wisdom fills.

As I am always calling for Swami, the hearts of all in the New Creation will only call for God. Just as Narada roams in the three worlds, they will roam in Bhur, Bhuva and Svaha. This is the enjoyment of Heaven, the peace of Vaikunta and the experience of Earth. All children will be like the four Kumaras; their absence of dress indicates the separating of the five sheaths.

This is what Swami showed in Brahma Loka.

Each one has been given a role in Swami's Avataric task. Swami shows how each will function in the task of New Creation. As Creator , Brahma brings forth the New Creation. His aspect performs the task of Creation. Saraswathi's amsa becomes the wisdom that fills all. Narada's aspect is the heart of all. The four Kumaras will kindle the power of Kundalini in all. This shows how each member of the Sathya Loka family takes one role in Swami's Avataric task.”

(Sri Vasantha Sai: Avatar's Secret” part 1, pages 36-38)


Swami took all the chapters of this book during darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall. He also gave gave the picture for the cover of the book.


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