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Life Full of Yearning and Penance


Life Full of Yearning and Penance

Secrets of Sri Vasantha Sai's life have been disclosed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gradually in Her meditative states. However, recently Swami, Who is always present in Mukthi Nilayam (Vasantha Amma's ashram) in His real, formless state, materialized there a printed page on December 13, 2010: WHO IS VASANTHA SAI?


Avatar's Secret:

The contents of the page was included in Sri Vasantha Sai's book : “Avatar's Secret”, published in 2011. This is what has been written on the page:

Many have asked this question and there are innumerable answers. The reason for this is that she has become many things to thousands of devotees around the India and throughout the world. The one point all agree on is that she is a simple, humble embodiment of selfless love whose Prema and devotion to God incarnate, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is unparalleled. Her life is a supreme example of sacrifice and forbearance.

A little about Sri Vasantha Sai...

Amma was born in the Village Vaddakampatti, some 40 kilometers south of Madurai. She was born into a devout Vaishnavite family. Her father was a freedom fighter and patriot who followed principles of simple living exemplified by Gandhee's life. The family lived as examples for the community. Her father conducted many social service and devotional activities in the village and community. It was against this background that Vasantha grew up. The house resounded with stories from the great epics and the lives of the saints and sages. Through this she developed deep devotion to Sri Krishna. The stories of Andal and Meera kindled deep devotion in her and like them she desired to marry her Lord. But she was told that it was impossible.

At the age of sixteen she was married in an ordinary way and after the birth of three children the desire for God was reawakened. She developed deep dispassion for worldly life and renounced all comforts; a life of austerity began. The Bhagavad Gita and Gandhi's , “My Experiments with Truth” became her two eyes and she keenly put into practice all that she read, shunning worldly life. While others sought pleasures and entertainment, she would chant the Lord's name, meditate and perform spiritual practices.

It was at that time that her devotion began to intensify; she poured out her feelings and composed many poems and songs to the Lord. After many years of sadhana, Sri Krishna told her that in meditation that He has incarnated again as Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Thus, she turned her feelings toward Sai Krishna; yearning for His darshan After many years of intense spiritual practice, He began to speak with her in meditation. She had many experiences which culminated in Swami telling her that she was Radha of Dwapara Yuga. He told her to write her experiences in the book “Liberation Here Itself Right Now', part 1, which He signed in Madurai thereby confirming that she was His very own. Following this many books were written and released."

(pages 48-49)


Swami's leelas:

Although Vasantha married in an ordinary way, her husband was not an ordinary man. The man She married, Sri Manoharan was Swami's tool in His Divine mission. Swami's divinity entered in Sri Manoharan at the wedding ceremony and remained there up to the birth of three children. It was a wonderful Swami's leela. All Her three children – two sons (Aravindan and Manivannan) and a daughter, Kaveri are Swami's children. Sri Vasantha Sai is as pure as Sita. Swami's and Her children are Divine.

In the book “Prema Sai Prema Avatar'” (part 1), published in 2006, Sri Vasantha Sai writes about one of the greatest secrets Swami revealed to Her.

“Radha and Krishna's marriage happened in the presence of Narada. It was a Gandharva marriage. Radha and Krishna did not have a marriage in the physical form. There was no relationship between the physical forms. They united in feeling as One Consciousness.

From a young age, I had an intense thirst to marry Krishna. I was married in an ordinary way as I was told that it was not possible to marry God. On the day of the marriage , Swami's divinity entered the body of the one who married me. As a unique proof for this, Swami asked me to compare the wedding picture with the picture of Him in His youth. When I looked. I found that Swami's picture and my husband's were the same.

Swami says: “Compare your wedding picture with a picture from My youth”

(“Prema Sai Prema Avatar”, part 1, page 33)


After the opening ceremony of the Meditation Hall in Vadakkampatti, Swami asked me to remove my Mangala Sutra and wear His pendant on a sacred yellow thread. (The Mangala Sutra that I removed was offered by my husband to the idol of Mother Durga in the pooja room) Swami then asked me to take Atma Sanyas.

A few months later my husband died. After this Swami asked me to bring a red stone studded Mangala Sutra to Whitefield, Brindavan. Swami blessed this Mangala Sutra and told me to wear it. This is a celestial wedding. It has no connection with the physical form. It is a wedding of pure feelings of the soul.

After this Swami asked me to come to the Vashista Cave. He said that He would come there in His physical form and marry me but He did not come. In the cave Swami gave a vision where I saw our marriage in the presence of all celestial beings. Swami said that this marriage symbolized the union of Pure Consciousness. He said that my mind, intellect, senses and ego have merged with Him; this merger is the foundation for Sathya Yuga. Following this Swami told me to start the construction of the ashram Mukthi Nilayam.”

(page 242)


Secrets in the address:

The ashram Mukthi Nilayam is Vaikunta on the Earth. Swami has confirmed this recently by disclosing secrets hidden in the address of the ashram.

“Today (13 December, 2010) Swami gave two pictures. In one He is holding an idol of Krishna and in the other a picture of flowers. On that was written the letters etched below:

Thirumangalam SO
Rayapalayam BO
Pin Code 625 706

I asked Swami and He said: “In Mukthi Nilayam the flowers blossom and give fragrance. “Thiru SO” means origin of Sathya. “BO” means Baba's origin and “Raya” means royal. Swami gave a proof for what I had written by giving the picture of Radha and Krishna talking. This is Baba's origin, Swami's final abode, Vaikunta.”

(“Avatar's Secret”, part 1, page 22)


Agni Mangala Sutra:

“On the October 19 (2006) we saw the yagna pictures of the Mangala Sutra. On the same day we read the story about the Narayana necklace in “Sanathana Sarathi”. I said that that it is a very good proof. (…) Eddy said: “Amma, it is Agni Mangala Sutra, we cannot touch it!”

(…) Swami showed me in Mathura Brindavan, a Mangala Sutra emerging from the fire. This was the first Mangala Sutra made of fire. The inner meaning is that my life shows how the Mangala Sutra is acquired from the Lord's hand, how the Oneness is attained. Melting in the love for the Lord, I offered each feeling in the sacrificial fire.

What does the fire symbolize? It represents the penance one does for God. I purified each feeling of mine with the penance of one pointed devotion. I purified myself with chastity for God. The 19 qualities of Radha are due to this one pointed penance. Her love has melted in the fire of penance. This power of penance has brought the Agni Mangala Sutra from the Yagna Kund. (…) it looked like it was made of twisted rays of gold and orange; this symbolizes the 19 pure golden qualities in me.

Swami has shown the real Agni Mangala Sutra and tied it on my neck. In “Liberation Here Itself Right Now”, part 2, I wrote that Swami and I have come to demonstrate Purusha and Prakrithi principle to the world. Swami has proved it by giving the Mangala Sutra. On 19 October 2006 Swami tied the Agni Mangala Sutra from the yagna fire and the same day He went to Whitefield!”

(“Prema Sai Prema Avatar”, part 1, page 211)


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