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The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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Secrets connected with the stay of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the hospital as well hopes for the future have been revealed in a new book of His Shakthi, Sri Vasantha Sai: “Who is in Swami's Heart?” This is the first book written by Amma that has not been either physically blessed by Swami or taken by Him. “I was worried about this – the Authoress writes in the “Prologue” - but Swami reassured me. He told me what to write, gave the name for the book and said to release it immediately.” So it was published in a record time, ahead of many books which are waiting for publication.

When Swami was hospitalized, Amma cried more and suffered greatly. Bhagavan consoled Her in many ways, materializing for Her wonderful poems and messages with new secrets. By Her immeasurable Prema and compassion, She shares with all of them.

Sri Vasantha Sai's talks with Swami have been taking place in Her meditative states. Swami's stay in the hospital was Mahapralaya. He took on Himself the burden of the world karmas to usher the new era, the Sathya Yuga. As Sri Vasanthaamma has assured earlier, Swami would descend to the Earth once more. He will be in the same physical form. However, His physical body will be younger.

Swami's Nadi
Sage Agasthya
(taken 25 May 2011)
Vaideeshwarancoil, Tamil Nadu, India:

  • Swami is presently in Amma's body.
  • The physical body that was in Puttaparthi was a Maya body. The Lord has taken a Self-willed rest. Even if He had cured Himself, He would have to continue in that form with the aid of a stick or helpers. As Swami did not desire this, He left that form. This was done in order to perform Divine Leelas. His mission is not completed; much more remains to be done.
  • It is due to the unrelenting and ceaseless Prema of His Shakthi, Vasantha Anmma and her continuous tearful prayers that He will once again return in the same Divine form. At that time, His age would be around 50 years.
  • On the day that Swami makes His appearance, Lord Varuna will shower the Earth with rains, thunder and lightning to cool the Earth down and Lord Vayu will send his cool breeze.

(pages V-VI)

Amma's Nadis
Om Sri Sai Ram
Rajarishi Viswamitra
taken 31 May 2011
Vaideeshwarancoil, Tamil Nadu, India:

  • Her real husband, (Mahavishnu who is her real husband) is not now on Earth, Bhooloka. Though His Atma left His physical body, the same Atma will return in the same physical body.
  • When Swami comes again, He will not be in an aged body or a young body; He will be middle aged.
  • She is in the form of Mahalakshmi. It is for this reason only that “Maya Krishna” (Swami) is doing some Maya work and left His body and will come again in the same body. When she leaves, He will also leave.
  • When she leaves the Earth, there will be no place for Him on this Earth, At this time, it will be the blossoming of the Sai Yuga. Both Baba ana Amma will disappear. This marks the start of the Sai Yuga.

(pages VI-VII)

Deva Rishi
31 May 2011

Swami speaks directly to Amma in the Nadi:

“You are the only person inside My body. You are My conscience. You are the thinking in My heart. The thoughts that you have in your heart and the thoughts in Mine are the same. (…) I am always with you. (…) I will come to you directly at the age 76 and put Pottu (Mangalya), kumkum on your forehead.”

(pages VIII-IX)


29 March 2011 Meditation

Vasantha: Swami, You have had a heart operation, why? I love You. Here, You tell that I am in Your heart. Have they performed an operation and removed me?

Swami:   You do not think like this. That is a Maya body. My real body will come. It is due to the destruction in the world that the body is affected. You are in My heart and this affects Me also. This is the physical body heart. You are in My real heart. This is the heart connected with the body. When all minds in the world focus on God, only then can destruction be averted.

(page 33)


April 2011 Meditation

Vasantha: Swami, please cure Your body.

Swami:   Soon it will be okay. Do not think of that.

Vasantha: Will You really give a mangalya?

Swami:   All will happen. I will send a car and will call you. (…) I will come to you, we will see each other, talk and touch. All this will happen. The next day you will come as a new bride. I will materialize the Mangalya Sutra and tie it on you. This is Mahalakshmi's Mangala Sutra. (...)The devas will shower flowers, a garland will appear and I will garland you and you garland Me. Our old bodies will then change and become Divine bodies. Our bodies are now filled with the world's karmas.

(page 83)


Morning meditation


Vasantha: Swami please cure Yourself.

Swami:   It is all the world karmas, is it not? Everyone will have to take thousands of births to remove all the karmas that hey have performed. Is it so easy to remove this? But the both of us are doing this. One year on Earth is one day for devas. 100 years for the devas is the daytime for Brahma. Then what about God's time? We are experiencing the karmas of crores and crores of people in this way. Now it is more suffering and you cannot bear it. So, I have taken them on My body. First the outer limbs of the body suffered. It was for the karmas performed by people's bodies. Now, it is the karmas that the worldly people have done through their mind and speech. For these sins our heart, lungs, throat and nose are suffering.

(pages 98-99)


14 April 2011 Morning meditation

Vasantha: Swami (…) when will You be cured?

Swami:   This is the time of Mahapralaya. At that time Krishna lays calmly on the Peepul leaf. This is like I am lying now. The evil in the minds of all is destroyed with Pralaya. All thoughts are turned toward God. It is for this God's body is like Pralaya. When it finishes, our marriage will take place and New Creation will begin.

(page 137)


“This book explains all and is the seed of the Avatar task. It reveals how Swami's and my feelings bring the Sathya Yuga in the Kali Yuga.

In another piece of paper where I wrote an open newsletter to all, regarding Swami in the hospital, asking all to pray for Him, Swami then wrote 30,000, to show He had reduced this Pralaya time by 20,000 years. It is only after the Pralaya that the New Creation Sathya Yuga begins. (…) Ordinarily, God lies in Pralaya for 50,000 years. Now this is reduced to 30,000, which is equal to 30 days. In the calculation of God, 1,000 years of man is one day for God.”

(pages 176-177)



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