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Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Magic Numbers


Magic Numbers

God's leelas are beyond human understanding. How wonderfully Sri Sathya Sai Baba revealed His eternal bond with His Shakthi, Sri Vasantha Sai by means of numbers. Here are secrets put into a broad day light in the book „Satcharitha. LETTER GARLAND”. There are the names of two divine Authors on the cover of the book: Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Vasantha Sai. The book was published in 2010.


Letter 18 118
Mukthi Nilayam
28 May 2010

My Dear Prema Bhagavan,
Anantha koti pranams at Your lotus feet

Swami, today you indicated about the mantra. In 2006 I had been crying for ten days non stop. Swami has forgotten me. He does not give anything …no amrit from the picture either.

Swami: Why are you crying like this? If half a drop of amrit comes on a picture, is this a sign of My love? Did I have no love for you otherwise? Is this the measure of My love? You tell, tell truly. Have you not realized My love? If you have not, then how is it you love Me?

Vasantha: Swami, please forgive me. I want something physically.

Swami: What do you want?

Vasantha: I don't know. I cannot tell what I want. You give a strong proof to show the closeness of our physical relationship.

Swami: We have a physical connection. What is the proof of it? The mantra. I gave the mantra to connect My name with your name.

Vasantha: What is the proof for You having given that?

Swami: How many have benefitted from this mantra? This is the proof. All are telling Sita Rama, Radha Krishna; this is namas. This is mantra. Panchadashakaashrari, the fifteen letter mantra. It unites our names physically. Sathya Sai and Vasantha Sai. Has any Avatar's name come in a mantra like this? What more do you want than this? It is enough for your Prema alone that your name connects with Mine.

Vasantha: Now I understand Swami.

SWAMI, YOU GAVE THE MANTRA ON: 23 May 1998. You told that those who chant the mantra and realize the truth and depth of it will have all their sufferings removed. Swami on 23 May 1940 You declared Your Avatar. Then 58 years later, on the same day, You connected Your name and my name together with the mantra. Namas describe God's glories, a mantra is different. It is more beneficial.

In 1997, the first book came out. In 1998 You gave the mantra. At that time, I did not know the outside world. Whatever truths You told, I was afraid to tell outside. It was only after several years that my mind has ripened and You have revealed more about the mantra. By 2006 I had written more than thirty books. Who am I? What is our relationship, all clearly I have written. Swami how many golden “23s” are there in my life? What a wonder....
23 January 1984 I had my first darshan of You in Madurai.
23 February 1992 a golden day in my life: Your padukas arrived in our home.
23 March 1992 Muthikrishna Swami brings Rama's padukas to our house and performs many poojas.
23 August 1993 my first vision, I as Meera and You as Krishna.
23 May 1998 You gave the mantra.
Then my parents wedding day 23 May 1937!

Swami: As your name is in the mantra, whoever chants it, removes their karmas. Your Prema is balancing their karmas.

Vasantha: The day You declared Your Avatar and the mantra are on the same day.

Swami: At the age of 14, I declared my Avatar. 46 years later, I connected to you. You and I are both born on 23rd. 23 and 23 equals 46. The union of our two names took 46 years. My Avataric declaration was on the 23 May 1940. I revealed you as the mantra on 23 May 1998. I declared Myself in the age of 14. Our two names united at the age of 60, so between My age of 14 and your age of 60 there are 46 years.

THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID SWAMI. It took 46 years for my Prema feelings and Your Sathya to unite. The merging of our feelings is symbolized by the mantra. After our feelings united, I gave the first divine child in Sri Lanka in 1999. We have shown how a child is born through feelings alone; now all nine children are born. In the same way, the Sathya Yuga, New Creation, is born too.

(pages 182-184)


Swami accepted each and every letter during darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall.


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