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Modern Parvathi


Modern Parvathi

Swami said: "You are taking all to liberation , whilst they are living. You are Modern Parvathi".

For the first time the Divine Secret was disclosed a little bit by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in 1950. He was the 24-year- old avatar then, Sri Vasantha Sai was 12. Amma writes about the fact in several books. For example, one can find a wonderful story about Modern Parvathi in the book “Liberation Here Itself Right Now! “(part 3).

Here is the story, pages 259-260:

“An American devotee stayed with me for a month and he gave me a gift of the book “Love Is My Form”. I had no time to look at the book. When Yamini and Geetha saw the book, they said that in the book a picture that had been materialized by Baba looked like me. I was surprised when I saw the picture.

Let us see the story behind the picture. In 1950 on the occasion of Sri Kasturi,s daughter wedding, a Gopuri Pooja was performed in Bhagavan`s presence. Mother Easwaramma was invited to accept the auspicious gifts. Immediately Swami said: “Why Easwaramma? I will receive it Myself.” Saying this Swami transformed Himself into a woman wearing glasses. All the people there were amazed and paid Him their respects, giving the gifts of bangles, mirror, kumkum, yellow rice, etc. Thereafter, Swami changed back to His own form.

One of the devotees, Thippamma, expressed her wish to see Swami in His female form again and at that request Swami materialized a photo of that form saying: “I am not that Parvathi of those days.”

Saying this Swami transformed Himself into a woman wearing glasses.

In the book under the picture it says: “Modern Parvathi”. Yamini and Geetha showed mi this and said that the picture was of me and that it also looked like my grand daughter Vaishnavi. Soon they dressed Vaishnavi in a sari, like the woman in the picture and took a photograph. It is interesting to note that the 12-year-old Vaishnavi is wearing glasses and I too started to wear glasses in my eleventh year.

When I asked Swami about the picture in the book, He said: “It is you.” I was stunned: “It`s me...!?” I could not understand how. Swami repeated: “It is you. You are shakthi, Parvathi. You looked like this in your twelfth year. We as Shiva and Shakthi are giving jeevan mukthi to people. Write about it using this picture as a proof.” I asked Swami to explain more and He said: “From this form I changed into a woman. I received the gifts and changed back to Swami again. Similarly, in the beginning there was Purushottama, the Supreme Being. We separated from Him as Purusha and Prakrithi. You emerged from Me and I from you.”

This photo was given during Navarathri in the month of October 1950. Swami said: “I revealed who you were a long time ago. Write, do not be afraid.”

The book “Love Is My Form” was written by R.Padmanaban who recently received from an American University a PHD for his research into Swami`s life. Padmanabhan used to take photographs of Swami in the 1980`s.

In the book „How the Sathya Yuga is Coming”, published in 2010, Sri Vasantha Sai wrote:

„In the year 2001 Swami revealed me as “Modern Parvathi” and said: “In Benares Parvathi takes the departing souls to Lord Shiva for liberation. You are taking all to liberation , whilst they are living. You are Modern Parvathi.”

(page 72)


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