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Mysteries in The Dates of Birth


Mysteries in The Dates of Birth

Our Supreme Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba hid mysteries even in His date of birth and in the date of birth of Sri Vasantha Sai, His Shakthi. Some secrets were revealed in Sri Vasantha Sai's book „Liberation Here Itself Right Now!” (part 2), published in 2001. However, the most important secrets, connected with the Sathya Yuga mission of the most powerful Avatar, have been disclosed fully recently in Amma's book: „How the Satyha Yuga is Coming”, published in 2010.

„I asked Swami: „You said I was born on a Deepavali day (23rd), but the diary says that year Deepavali fell on 22nd only.” He replied that in many parts of the world Deepavali was celebrated only on 23rd that year. I got confused. At about 9.30 there was a call from Shyam of Canada wishing me “Happy Deepavali.” I told him: “Wasn't it yesterday?” “No,” he said, “Here it is celebrated only today; now it is 22nd morning 9.45 am, a difference of one day Amma.” When I asked him when do they celebrate my birthday, he replied: “the 23rd in India is the 22nd in Canada.” I narrated to him what Swami had just said.

Oh, God, how nicely You have resolved my confusion! Indicating to me that I should kill the Narakasura in everyone's mind. You have given me a nice explanation. I am greatly beholden to You.

Swami was born on 23.11.1926, Monday; full moon day. I was born on 23.10.1938, Sunday; new moon day. “Moon is related to Prema. It advocates Prema. Sun advocates Jnana. On the new moon day they meet. The union of Sun and Moon symbolize the union of Jnana and Prema.” To explain Narakasura's killing, Swami said that I would destroy and dispel the darkness of ignorance in everyone and light the fire of wisdom. Also, the two days, Sunday and Monday can be related on this basis. That I was born on a Sunday to dispel the gloom of ignorance is also appropriate.

On the day of Deepavali, in the morning, I offered idli and sweet Mysorepak as breakfast to Swami. He said: “It is not Mysorepak but My share Bahu” (Bahu in Sanscrit means shoulder). You are sharing the burden on My shoulders!”

To assist Him in His Avatar mission I should by my Prema, banish all evil in this world and spread Bhakthi. It was all a coincidence that I offered Mysorepak. It is all His grace.

Again Swami added: “Without Sathyabhama, Krishna could not have killed Narakasura. He could do it due to her request. Likewise with your recommendation, prayer and request on behalf of someone, I will be able to wipe out one's Karma, not otherwise. Like Sathyabahma only when you work being at My side the evils of the world will be removed. Your Prema and Daya make you shed tears for them and that wipes out their Karma.”

In Agasthya Nadi Jyothi (astrological report form the Sage Agasthya) my birthday is shown as year Bahudhanya; month Ippasi and day 7, Amavasya, Deepavali.

Swami was born on fool moon day, I was born on a new moon day. His birthday was on Monday – symbolic of Moon; mine on Sunday – symbolic of Sun. Swami is Bliss, I am in tears. Why are these opposites? Swami has already given the reply in the first volume of the book “Liberation Here Itself Right Now!” Electricity can flow only in positive and negative ends. So we are like electrical poles.”

(“Liberation Here Itself Right Now!”, part 2, pages 164-165)


Curd Star

“We were discussing the star-shape that formed in the curd. Yamini said: “I think in the initial stages of formation, the embryo is like this.”

(“How the Sathya Yuga is Coming”, page 182)


“How does an embryo look in the initial stages? How is it when it grows? Scientists have found the answer for these queries. The subject is taught to biology students. However, no one knows about the Avataric embryo. The Avatars enter the mother's womb in the form of Light. No one knows what this embryo looks like. No one has tested the womb of Kausalya, Devaki, the Virgin Mary or Easwaramma. This is why nothing is known about the Avataric embryo. How did I look in my mother's womb before my birth as an embryo? Swami showed this in the end.”

(page 186)


“In my case I am not a seed of anyone. I am not a seed of human beings. I am Light that has emerged from Light. Everything is contained in this Light. My seed is verily Light. My seed of Light is in the form of a star; which is why my vibrations go up in the form of star.
Prasava means ordinary origin of life. Pravesham means origin of life from the Divine Light of God. Swami told on 23 November 2006, His birthday, He entered His mother's womb as a Light. The Light became foetus. That is why it is self-made, self-formed.
When I was writing “Prema Sai Avatar”, pt. 2, Swami said: “A Light emerged from My body, entered your mother's body and you were born.” My body came into existence through the Light from Swami. This is why this body is Bhava Deha, the body of pure feelings for God.”

(page 184)


“There are 46 chromosomes in all body cells except in the reproductive cells called gametes. The male and the female gamete have only 23 chromosomes each. The male's 23 chromosomes pair with the female's 23 chromosomes in an embryo and it grows with 46 chromosomes. Swami's birth date is 23 and my birth date is 23. What is the significance?

This is to show chromosomal connection between Swami and I. We have come as the two halves of the Primal Source. The same thing is written in the Nadi of Kagabhujandar : “Vasantha has attained the half of Sathya Sai who is the Primal Source (Moola Purusha).”

Twenty three chromosomes of man symbolize the principle of Purusha, 23 female chromosomes indicate the principle of Prakrithi. When these chromosomes of ours join, there is a New Creation of 46 chromosomes. In the beginning of the creation the Virat Purusha form emerges. This is the male and female aspect of God in a state of embrace. They separate into individual man and woman and creation begins.

The Brihadaranayaka Upanishad talks about this as the Primal Source and Primal Cause. They are Primal Prakrithi's Father and Mother. The Parents of the Sathya Yuga. This is why both are born on 23rd.

Swami is born on 23rd November. This month can be split as,

Nava + Om + Birth

Nava means new, Om is for divine origin, Birth means the coming of the Sathya Yuga. What is new in this? Avatars do not descend in the Sathya Yuga, but here the Primal Source is coming as the Sampoorna Avatar Prema Sai.

My date of birth is 23rd October,

Act +Om + Birth

Act is for action. Action is of divine origin. The Primal Source is the Being state, Purusha. The capacity for action is the Becoming State, Prakrithi. Now we both are born only for the New Creation, the Sathya Yuga.

Swami blessed my book “Sai Gita Pravachanam” in the year 2001. At this time, He gave a calendar with the book. It was written “call ender” on the calendar and the month of my birth was mentioned as “Oct Om Ber”.

(“How the Sathya Yuga is Coming”, pages 186-187)


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