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Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Our Beloved Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has come to the Earth in a new physical form. This cheerful news came from the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram, where Sri Vasantha Sai, Bhagavan's Shakthi, incarnation of Radha and Sita is staying. In Her latest eBook, “Swami Has Come!”, published on July 10th, 2012 we read about the details connected with Swami's appearance in a new physical form.

Some time earlier, shortly before Guru Poornima (it was celebrated on July 3rd, 2012) the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram passed the news about the message received from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Baba by Seema M. Dewan in the USA on 29.06.212. The message says about Swami's return.

The Return.....

Message Received by Seema M. Dewan
June 29th 2012 8:10 a.m.

        The robes that I have left amidst you... I shall return to
wear them once again... You are to await My return in the silence of
complete surrender... Those that shall live the dharmic (righteous)
way shall with their simple devotion arrive where I shall once again
walk the steps of the Guru (spiritual Master) and teach the human mind
to touch the light of Supreme consciousness with the fountain of love
that pours from within their own hearts...

        I have only shed the clothes of My body... but because I have
done so, that does not mean that My role has come to an end... The
Divine plan can never be known to anyone... Even those that are
closest to My physical form know nothing of what I am doing... and
what I am to do... Only I am aware of My Sankalpa (Divine Will)... and
I can make it come to truth... No one else can ever help Me... only I
can conduct what I must do... There is no one that can know or be
aware of My next step that I am to take...

        With the new clothes (body) that I shall adorn I shall return
to you with the gift of Atmic Jnana... Even the simplest souls that
know not the worldly ways shall receive the ways to Atmic Bliss... The
Grace of this Avatar shall be abundantly available to anyone and
everyone... The work of the previous Avatar shall continue with great
force for even though I shall wear the golden and red robe... I shall
continue in My cosmic form to lead the mission of My previous body...
I am not present in one particular time... and place... I can enter
what you call the "past" and create the present for it... For Me, I do
not travel in the tunnels of time...  I am the Universal Self that can
make time return to Me as I will... whenever I will...

        While I am to do what you can never chase... never
understand... you are to lead your own mind to the safety of dharmic
laws... You are to lead the simple lives in which the devoted mind
shall lead you to realize the higher truths... You are to immerse all
your unnecessary worldly desires into the bonfires of pure thinking...
You are to know... recognize and follow the steps the present Avatar
walked every single day... every single moment... I walked the steps
of love... I carried upon My shoulders the weight of Sanathana Dharma
(Universal laws of truth)... I poured upon you My continuous state of
Atmic Bliss... It is your turn now to walk... It is your turn to take
the step upon which My footprint shall always remain...

        Do not wait idly for My return... Do not give up all that I
have left with you in My this mission and simply mourn and await My
return. Remember if you do that, you shall close the gifts that I have
left with you and you shall also not be able to receive the gifts of
Atmic Jnana that I shall return to give to you... You are to live this
moment.... this moment with strength.... You are not to wait for
something that is yet to come... yet to happen.

        Continue your lives immersed in My teaching and in My way of
life.... continue to have faith that it is the robes that I have left
to wear before you... I am still with you.... always.... My return to
another body.... another form is inevitable... But that must not be
your focus.... Once you have chosen Me to be your Guru... you must
drown in the bliss of the moments you and I spent as one....

       Your faith.... your joy... your devotion... your dedication
shall bring Me once again to return to serve you.... I am fully aware
of every part of your being.... for I am you, and you.... Me....
Nothing has changed.... nothing can.... nothing will... The Guru that
you have loved so very much has loved you.... more than you can ever
know.... The Guru that you miss is with you.... more than you can ever
recognize.... The Guru that you feel has left you is more with you
than you can ever realize....

       The robes that I have left amidst you, I shall return to wear
them again.... but until then you must wear the robes of faith and
patience.... You must be the reflections of My Self.... You must
awaken with the Guru within.... and the game we played together shall
return where you shall seek the Source and I shall play with My



“Swami Has Come!”


Swami has appeared on the Earth after He had left His physical form on 24.04.2011. First, He has been staying in a feelings form for three months in the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram, in the Suddha Sattwa (Pure Consciousness), the abode of Sri Vasantha Sai. He continued the task to usher the Sathya Yuga. Later He went to the North of India in a physical form.

Here is a very important excerpt from Sri Vasantha Sai's book “Swami Has Come!”:

“...On the morning of July 6, Swami gave a photograph and a woolen hat. The picture was strange. It appeared to be high in the mountains with a mountain peak and an entrance to a cave. Next to it was a smaller peak, which also had a cave entrance.

All of us saw the picture. I asked Swami about it in meditation.

6 July 2012 Afternoon meditation

Vasantha: Swami what is this picture?

Swami: This is Shimla Cave.

Vasantha: Swami! Shimla Cave? How high up it is.

Swami: It is here that you were alone performing penance and it is where I am now. The cave filled with your feelings over those forty years. I will be here for forty days and your feelings will fill in Me. Before, I stayed with you in your room. When I was there, My form was filled through your feelings. I then came out in a physical form. In the same way now, in order to fulfill your desire, I will fill Myself with your feelings and then come out.

End of meditation

Now let us see about this. This is not a mountain top, but a very high steep rock face. The entrance to the cave is also very high up. When Swami came from the Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam, He stayed in my room in a feelings form. Here in my room, He was in His feelings form for three months. Then these feelings took a physical form and He went to Haridwar. There in Haridwar, Swami stayed in the form of a wandering sanyasi. He has now gone to Shimla Cave and is in His own form. He will stay there for forty days. It was here I stayed for forty years and performed penance. The cave has been filled with my feelings, wishes and desires. While Swami is there now for forty days, His physical form will fill with my feelings. He will then fulfill my desire and will come out.

What is my desire? I have three:

1. Swami must declare who I am in front of the world.
2. I then want that He bestows liberation on the entire world.
3. My physical form must merge with the physical form of Swami.

These are my desires. In order to fulfill these desires, Swami will now stay alone surrounded by my feelings.

When I was writing this, I remembered what I had written in “Brilliance of a Million Suns”, a book written in 2009. In the book, I write about Shimla Cave in detail. If you read this first, you will then be able to understand Shimla Cave now.
(pages 19-20)


* Jesus did 40 days of penance in the desert before coming out to take up His mission. (page 17)



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