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Swami's Omnipresence


Swami's Omnipresence

Prayers and auspicious rituals in the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram in October and November 2011 were dedicated to the second descent of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to the Earth in the same physical form. Our Beloved Lord confirmed in many ways that He would come down. He will do it for Sri Vasantha Sai, His Shakthi who has chiseled His form by Her immeasurable Prema for 73 years. Swami has already appeared in His physical form to some devotees. He used to say to Sri Vasantha Sai in her meditative states: "I am here fully".

Sri Vasantha Sai, Bhagavan's Shakthi, acts strictly according to His instructions given to Her in meditation. On the day of Her Birthday, on October 23rd 2011, early in the morning, after the ritual of abishekam (washing Bhagawan's padukas) had been performed, She put a new Mangala Sutra – the Mangala of Shiva and Parvathi to let Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai descent to the Earth in the same physical form. The Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam (the Shrine of Four Vedas) was decorated with wonderful flowers as for a wedding ceremony. The fragrance of lotus and jasmine flowers filled the air. Sri Vasantha Amma looked beautifully in a yellow sari, embroidered with flowers.



Sri Vasantha Sai was immersed in bliss after she had found a new ring from Sri Sathya Sai - His birthday gift. There was a picture of Swami on top of the ring and there were ten little holes on the band, indicating that He embodies 10 Avatars.

Putting the new Mangala Sutra by Sri Vasantha Sai on Her birthday was a family ceremony. Very few devotees from abroad were blessed by attending it.

Swami and Amma have invited to the auspicious rituals the devotees who had been very close to Lord Krishna. A married couple from Puttaparthi, who had been Radha's parents during Lord Krishna's times, attended the jagna rituals. Dr B. from Sri Sathya Sai Baba Superspeciality Hospital in Puttaparthi, who had been Lord Krishna messenger, arrived with his wife and his son, who is one of the divine children. Some gopas and gopis were also present as well as saints from divine lokas.

On Sri Vasantha Sai's birthday Fred told a story about three blood drops that had appeared some weeks earlier on the floor in his room in the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram. He was surprised to see them....and moped them off. Later Sri Vasantha Sai explained that the blood drops had been materialized by Swami as a proof that He would come down in His physical form. Identical blood drops were spotted in front of Sri Vasantha Sai's room some days some days after Her Birthday. Photos were taken as a proof.

Swami used to manifest His omnipresence in lots of ways, giving joy and bliss to His beloved Shakthi, Sri Vasantha Sai, as well as to the ashramites and the devotees. The good news is that a smile appeared on Sri Vasantha Amma's beautiful face quite often. She happily revealed the Divine Post to all. These were letters, invitations, poems, pictures, gems and other valuable gifts materialized for Her by Swami.

In the morning, on October 26th 2011, Thiru (a devotee from Australia) brought the most wonderful news to the pooja room. She received a phone call from Sydney: dr Vrithi (a gopa of beloved Lord Krishna) saw Swami in His physical form during the bhajan session on October 25th. Swami stood by His chair. He was dressed in a white robe. The news filled Sri Vasantha Sai and all of us with bliss.

On November the 1st Swami materialized a white, beautifully embroidered kerchief for Sri Vasantha Sai. When a photo of the kercheif was taken, two large eyes could be seen on it. It means that Swami is looking over us as the Divine Shepherd. During an evening satsang Amma explained the deep meaning of the embroidery on the kerchief. Some of the embroidered parts symbolized 19 qualities of Radha; others symbolized God's qualities.

That evening is never to be forgotten. Amma's face was beaming with bliss and joy. She wanted some of the devotees to find out what new had appeared on Her. It was not difficult to spot something shining on Her bindu (third eye). It was a lovely sticker: Swami's portrait, with His two hands raised in blessings. However, there was an authentic, shining halo over His head.

Sri Vasantha Amma also showed a nice bracelet, made of yellow and orange threads, that had also been materialized by Swami. There was a lingam in the middle of it with a pariatha flower painted on it. There were also little lotus flowers on the bracelet.

The days from November 5th to November 10th were devoted to auspicious jagnas which were performed by priests from Madurai. A new Ganesha shrine was also opened. Many local residents witnessed the ceremony of opening the Lord Ganesha temple.



The Chandi Homa was very powerful and had a very solemn character. Chandi is a very fierce and powerful diety. She is the embodiment of Shakthi. She as the primodal energy is responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction of the universe. Chandi Devi used all Her powers to pull Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai down to the Earth in the same physical form. All the rituals of the Sacred Fire were attended by Sri Vasantha Sai. She was always accompanied by SV and performed final oblations together with the priests.



All the Veda chantings and prayers came from the depth of hearts. Swami blessed the rituals. Some saw Lord Wishnu in the Sacred Fires. One day priests were immersed in pink during the prayers. It was a wonderful leela, recorded by a camera of Swami's instrument who is writing these words, showing that the priests had been immersed in Prema.



During those auspicious days Swami manifested Himself in His physical form in the Mukthi Nilayam ashram, in a room occupied by Ramachandran, a gopa of Lord Krishna.

Here is a story told by Ramachandran: A devotee from Chennai, whose name is Shakthi, had a vision shortly before Sri Vasantha Sai's Birthday. During the vision Swami told her to go to the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram. After she had entered the Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam, she saw a pink halo over Sri Vasantha Sai's head. She also saw a Garuda with a pink neck who was flying over the Mukthi Stupi.

The devotee from Chennai meditated in Ramachandran's room. She was sitting on a bed. Shakthi from Chennai suddenly saw Swami sitting in a nearby chair... When Swami disappeared, lots of vibhuthi manifested on the chair where He had been sitting. Books on a nearby book shelf were splashed with vibhuthi. Shakthi was surprised to see the key to the room with Sri Vasantha's picture on the bookshelf... close to a box with Lord Krishna's image. The key was also sprinkled with vibhuthi falling from Lord Krishna's flute... The devotee remembered she had left the key on the bed. However the key was found on the book shelf.



Swami showered His grace on many devotees. Karthik, who publishes "Prema Vahini" in the Internet, was blessed with a new chapter "A journey with Swami" miraculously "inserted" to the latest edition of the above Internet spiritual magazine.

The individual soul who is writing these words was also blessed in many ways. Swami had materialized packets of vibhuthi which were found in a purse and... in a bag where a camera was kept. In one packet of vibhuthi a little petal of a pink flower was found. A little pink flower was materialized on a sandal in the room which was shared with nobody and which was always locked. Amar told that Vasanthamma had used to shower Swami's peetam with such flowers. in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam. Some photos taken by the camera of this individual soul were suffused in pink (Prema). A piece of cotton cloth, given to her as giftt by a priest from Madurai at the end of the rituals, had the same color...



Swami is also present fully in Prashanthi Nilayam. No words are able to describe how He showered His boundless Prema and grace on all His devotees, especially during the celebrations of His 86th Birthday. All the devotees were immersed in happiness, joy and bliss. Prasad was distributed to everybody for many days in a row. The best musicians and singers have their shows. Swami appeared on a jhoola on large screens in the Sai Kulwant Hall. At first all were almost convinced He He had descended to the Earth for the second time...

Meeting Padma, Lord Krishna's gopi from Puttaparthi, by the individual soul who is writing these words, was also a wonderful leela. While sitting in the Sai Kulwant Hall next to the above individual soul Padma received a large piece of straw from "nowhere". The straw was in a shape of a letter "L" (Love) and "V" (Vasantha). This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship during the stay in Puttaparthi. We spent blissful days together, talking about Swami's leelas and about His beloved Sri Vasantha Sai. Padma met Sri Vasantha Sai in Whitefield, Brindavan.

Many, very many devotees do believe that Swami is coming back soon. Stories about His appearances in a physical form spread in Puttaparthi like fire. However, there also opinions of some ardent devotees who undermine Sri Vasantha Sai's words about Swami's descent in the same physical form.

During the last darshan in front of the Mahasamadhi this Swami's instrument who is writing these words, was blessed with a place in the first row. A devotee, who was sitting in front of her, suddenly turned back and gave a picture of Swami who was dressed in a white robe. There were wonderful Swami's words below the picture: "The body is a house given to you for rent. The Owner is God. Live there so long as God wills; thanking Him and paying Him the rent of Faith and Devotion."

This is how Swami confirms that Sri Vasantha Sai's words convey true messages of God.

At the back of the above picture there was a calendar for the year 2012. In front of the place this individual soul was sitting in the Sai Kulwant Hall a large letter "V" could be seen.

Swami said "good bye" in a beautiful, Divine way. A taxi which took this individual soul to the airport in Bengaluru, had arrived the moment the luggage was brought outside. The vehicle appeared almost half an hour earlier, but exactly at the moment when it was needed. The driver's name was Narayana and was very kind...

No words can express gratitude to our Beloved Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai and His Shakthi, Sri Vasantha Sai for Their immeasurable grace and Prema during wonderful days in the Mukthi Nilayam and the Prashanthi Nilayam Ashrams. A wonderful individual "love affair" with Swami and Vasanthamma are to be preserved for eternity. Tears of gratitude, love and bliss roll on chicks...



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