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The Cosmic Kundalini and The Cosmic Womb


The Cosmic Kundalini and The Cosmic Womb

In the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram there are two constructions that play a crucial role in the New Creation of the Sathya Yuga: The Mukthi Stupi and the Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam – the Temple of Four Vedas.

In the book „THE MUKTHI STUPI. SCEPTRE OF TRUTH” Sri Vasantha Sai wrote: “(...) we went to Puttaparthi after Swami's birthday this 2000. While in Puttaparthi Swami told me: “The pillar should be built. Your body is the pillar. It must be built in front of your room; it will absorb your vibrations and these will be sent out to the world. Start the building immediately.”

(page 16)


Aswatta Tree = Mukthi Stupi

In the 15th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Purushottama Yoga, the Universe or creation is compared to the Aswatta tree or a tree of life. “The tree of the universe is an upside down tree. The roots are the Lord, the branches and leaves all point downward. The trunk of the tree is Brahma, the leaves are the Vedas. The roots of an ordinary tree are in the earth. The roots of this tree of life are in heaven. This following the Vedas, the scriptural code for life on earth, Karmanutitaana, sustains the tree.

Swami said...
“You are the Aswatta tree. The Stupi at Mukthi Nilayam is your body. It will function like you. Your feelings become a New Creation. The new creation will emerge from you.

The roots of the tree cannot be on earth. The roots of the creeper are very strong and deep rooted. This is why this creeper is entwining the tree not letting it fall down. Previous avatars were different. Now a great avatar has come to perform a very great task. You are changing the law of God. You are making Him throw away the scale of karma. You are turning God himself upside down. Therefore you are shaking God himself. He is unable to stand upright. You are binding Him tightly with your Prema. He is therefore doing the task of nullifying His own law.

It is Vasantha creeper that is making the Sai tree be rooted on the Earth. This is a very great avatar. The Vasantha creeper is the root cause that makes God change His law. She becomes the root for the Sai tree.”

(pages 20-21)


The Mukthi Stupi, which is the bridge between Earth and Heaven, was constructed according to Swami's instructions and drawings as well as according to the guidelines in the Nadi of Sage Kagabhujandar. Sri Ganapathi Sthapati, the world renowned temple architect supervised the construction of the Stupi.

Holy soil was collected from twenty-five sacred temples from India and the world.

“The first cement for the stone foundation was mixed with holy waters from Puttaparthi and waters from Sai Darshan Mandir in Chennai where kodams miraculously filled with waters from all the holy rivers of India during Kumbhamela (March 2004)” (…) “Amma put leaves her Father had collected from Brindavan in 1948 from a Kumbha tree on the banks of the Yamuna on the vault of the Stupi. It is believed that Sri Krishna climbed this tree and then leaped on to the snake Kalinga. He then danced on its head. She had been saving the original envelope captioned by her Father in a box for 45 years.”

(page 39)


The Mukthi Stupi was brought into a physical plane in 2006.

  • “Sri Gabapati Sthapati describes the attributes of the Stupi....
  • The Stupi is a Shiva Lingam. It will be worshiped by millions.
  • The energy of the Stupi is concentrated in the center stone and represents fire.
  • Although the Stupi is the verily fire, devotees can touch it.
  • The Stupi is Moola Stambha, the primal energy, “thread of light” that has existed before creation.
  • Its greatness will surpass even the world famous Meenakshi Amman Temple (listed as one of the wonders of the world).
  • The Stupi will stand for a thousand years. Mukthi Nilayam will become Brindavan itself.

(pages 29-30)


The Doors Of Vaikunta Open

“Today, 15 December 2010, Swami gave a printed sheet of paper. Below is what was written:

Subject 3: The significance of the Stupi

The Mukthi Pillar is destined to play a vital role in the upliftment and transformation of the world. A powerful radio beacon broadcasts vibrations in all directions. Though unseen, they surround us and affect every corner of our existence. Like this, the Mukthi Stupi is transmitting unseen positive healing waves of love that are destroying the evils in the heart of man, awakening the innate divinity and igniting feelings of devotion and true love for God.

With the construction of the Stupi, Mukthi Nilayam has become the home of all Yogas, the center of all paths of worship, devotion and wisdom. The Stupi is the seat of divine energy, Moola Stambha (the Primordial source of energy) and is a symbol for Universal love and sacrifice. It ushers in the age of Truth.

The Pillar has seven sections. Each section represents a chakra or energy center. There is a five pointed star at the top of the Pillar.

In meditation Swami said: “The five pointed star is the star of eternal life . Four points of the star indicate the four directions from which people will come and the fifth, pointing to heaven, is the direction that you will take them...It symbolizes fire of wisdom that you will light in hearts to assure true liberation.”


“A radio transmitter can broadcast radio waves throughout the entire world. Even though it cannot be seen with the eyes, they emerge as sound waves and resound in every part of the world. It is in this way, the Mukthi Stupi transmits unseen positive waves of love to the world as vibrations. These destroy the evils in the heart of each man and awakens the divinity within. It awakens feelings of devotion and true love love for God in all. My and Swami's feelings emerge outside through the Stupi and awaken divinity in all, destroying evil.”

(“Avatar's Secret”, pages 56-58)



Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam – The Temple Of Four Vedas


Almost exactly four years later a new temple - VISHWA BRAHMA GARBHA KOTTAM (THE TEMPLE OF FOUR VEDAS) was constructed. Here is the news received from the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram on 5.02.2010:

The Purpose of seeing the Nadis

For building a temple of Vedas, to remove the difficulties of people and to bestow on them Guru Upadesh and Jnana Upadesh.

Construction details as given by the Nadis

Sage Kagabhujandar gives the nadi with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as witness. The temple is to be built on the Northern side of the Stupi.

Building details

  • Foundation - 12 x 12 Ft
  • Depth – 5 Ft
  • Foundation to be raised 5 Ft above ground
  • Basement area – 9 x 9 Ft
  • Four supporting pillars
  • Distance between pillars – 7 Ft
  • Each Pillar divided into two halves. Lower half is Varaha Avatar, facing down, and Matsya Avatar upward
  • Centre of the roof – 3 Ft diameter circle, with Valampuri and Idampuri conch alongside each other


Gopuram or Temple Dome details

  • 6 steps –3 Ft high; above this is ‘Thalai Pravaha’–which is 7 Ft high. The symbol of all religions in the centre. The Gopuram has the ‘Akal Vilakku’ or burning lamp design with Om sign on either side of the dome. The ‘Thalai Kreedam’ or crown of the dome is – 3 Ft high.
  • On the day of Kambhabhishekam, the Gopuram should be covered with white silk
  • The ‘Thalai Vaasal’ or main entrance should have 7 steps, each measuring 5 Ft in length
  • If built in this way, then as a husband comes in search of the wife, Swami will come to see Amma.


Notes by Sri Ganapathy Sthapati

  • The Kaala Stamba or Mukthi Stupi which is already constructed in Mukthi Nilayam, is the Fire that has brought the physical body of God here as the Temple.
  • The Temple should be built 1 ½ Ft below the Stupi’s 5th Prakaram
  • At the Bindu centre, the main energy point of the Temple, a lamp should be kept burning always
  • Swami’s statue should be installed in the Garbha Griha, Sanctum Santorum.
  • Amma will meditate in the ‘Mukha Mantapam’, which is in front of the Garbha Griha
  • Amma will stay in the ‘Maha Mantapam’ next to the ‘Mukha Mantapam’
  • Benefits of the Temple of Vedas
  • People will gather here for many years with deep involvement in meditation. They will meditate here blissfully and joyfully.
  • Vedic chants will resound everywhere. Wisdom will spread with the brilliance of a million suns.
  • To attain all, the mission should begin with the divine hand of Amma, the Chitshakthi Avatar of Bhagavan Sathya Sai
  • Amma will attain Supreme bliss and Vaak Siddhi, (her words will come true). By building this temple, all will attain birthless state, Jeevan Mukthi. God will protect and guard. Amma will ripen and mature in wisdom and attain the Supreme State. Good fortune will flow. This will lead to all jeevas to attain supreme bliss. All religions will become one. All gods and goddesses will guard and support. Amma will reside there as the Goddess of the five elements.
  • The four pillars in the Garbha Griha are the four Vedas. They will stop the Pralaya destruction of Kali and make it a Veda Yuga (Sathya Yuga).
  • The Garbha Kottam is also the Music Sabha, Veda Sabha, Jnana Sabha. The nine planets, Lord Ganapathi, Trimurthis – Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Siva with their respective consorts, 18 Siddhas (Perfected Souls) with their respective consorts, Sage Kagabhujandar who is giving the Nadi and his wife Bahuladevi, 330 crores of Devas, 64 Nayanamars will reside here because this is the Abode of the Primal Soul.
  • A light of wisdom will emerge from Amma through the top of the Gopuram.
  • Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Veda will resound everywhere.
  • Amma ‘s wisdom will spread in all eight directions. Spiritual devotees will come from many countries, as Jnana Seva, Dhyana and Yoga will grow and flourish here.
  • Amma will preach subtle wisdom of the Supreme Self. It will be wisdom beyond the Vedas, Upanishads, the wisdom of the Primal Soul.
  • Amma’s food intake will reduce day by day. Established in Dhyana, in oneness with the Self, she will become a blazing light.
  • Amma will merge in the Supreme Self and become Poornam, Supreme Absolute, (Samadhi State). At that time she will not know her own state, others will tell her.
  • When Amma starts to reside in the Garbha Kottam, her grace will halt the many destructions of Kali. She will guard and protect the world.
  • She will bestow wisdom on many from the state of the Supreme Absolute. Her glory and grace will spread
  • On the day of Kumbhaabhishekam, she will enter the temple in green silk and Chandan Alankar, adorned with Sandal. She will sit on the sacred peetam and shower her grace as Iccha Shakthi, Narayani, the Pure hearted one.


The construction of the temple is according to Swami's hand drawn picture and the sacred Nadis texts, that detail the importance of the building. It is from here the New Creation will begin.

The Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam- the Divine abode of New Creation was opened in October 2010. Some days before the opening ceremony Sri Sathya Sai Baba materialized a picture which showed all the Gods and Goddesess are already in the new temple.

Sacred yagnas were performed by some 30 priests close to the new shrine. The main priest, Sri Nanjundaih Dikshatar, the aspect of Sage Bharadwaja was sent by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He performed many yagnas in front of Swami as well as in many sacred places in India and across the world. There are photos that confirm this; one can find them in a book shop at Prashanthi Nilayam, in Swami's ashram. Poojas and yagnas were also performed in the new temple. Sri Vasantha Sai entered the new temple on October 22nd and attended the sacred rituals for the establishment of the Sathya Yuga. Hundreds of devotees from across India and from around the world attended the yagnas and the rituals.

At night, on October 22nd, a day before Amma's birthday all the devas came down and fully decorated the Ashram. They were seen in many places: above the new temple, on top of the Kailasa – the dome of the temple and around the Mukthi Stupi. Angels also manifested their presence.

Sri Vasantha Sai: “Avatar's Secret”, Chapter One, ALL ARE ONE:

“The Mukthi Nilayam Stupi demonstrates how the Kundalini functions. The Kundalini cannot be seen by anyone. (…) However no one can describe the Vishwa Kundalini, the Universal Kundalini. Sage Maharishi Kagabujandar through his x-ray vision is the great doctor; he alone is able to see the functioning of this Kundalini. He is the one who saw and gave all the measurements for the Mukthi Stupi and asked that we build it. This is the Vishwa Kundalini. No one can explain the Vishwa Kundalini. Before the descent of the Avatar, Mahavishnu called Sage Kagabujandar and asked him to explain all. Thus, he explains all.

Where is the Kundalini for the cosmos? How is it that the cosmos has a Kundalini? Is there life in the cosmos? It is in that way, thousands questions arise. The cosmos also has a life force. The cosmos means the body of God. God's Mahashakthi functions as the Universe. When God is in Yoga Nidra, there is no creation. When he makes a Sankalpa to create, He Himself brings the Prapancha outside from within Himself. This is,

“Sarvatah Paani Padam Tat Sarvatokshi Siro Mukham
Sarvatah Srutimal Loke, Sarvahmavritya Tishtati”

With hands, feet, face and head everywhere,
Pervading all the worlds, God envelops everything


All are His eyes, ears, hands, legs and face. When you see all as one , together it is Vishwa Virat. (…) In Mukthi Nilayam the Stupi functions as the Cosmic Kundalini. It is the omnipresent “Pani Pada” body Kundalini. (…)

It is Kagabhujandar who wrote the Nadi. He tells how my womb functions and how the Cosmic Womb, which is within, functions outside. It shows how the 84 lakhs of living beings grow within my Vishvaharbha and are born as New Creation. Many different creations are in this world. From a tiny worm to the insects animals and birds, there are 84 lakhs of differen species. The seed of each is placed in the Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam. Not only this, but humans, devas, rishis – all will emerge from here. This book also reveals that the seed of the Avatar, Himself, is also placed within. The different Avatars , the Trinity, all are coming from this greatest Avatar.(...)

The Mukthi Stupi and Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam have an important role to play in the New Creation. This is not a creation born from a body; this is a New Creation coming through feelings. It shows how my and Swami's feelings unite to bring forth a creation of wisdom, God's wisdom creation.”

(pages 1-3)


“The 11th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita describes the Viswaroopa of Sri Krishna that Arjuna saw on the battlefield : the Lord's Form of Time, which destroys all living beings . The Vishwa Virat is the Sarvatho Pani Padam form of God. The individual jeeva becomes Vishwa Virat roopa through Cosmic Conscioussness creates all beings. The Vishwaroopa time form destroys and the Vishwa Virat makes Creation anew. Through Prema, all becomes One. This is the basis of “Avatar's Secret”.

(page 4)


“The thought of Swami's love is the only food I eat. Swami told that I should enter the Garbha Kottam and no one should enter within. There, no one else's feelings will enter and mix in; no one will touch me and the things that I use. It is for this reason Swami asked me not to go outside. In the Garbha Griha there is only purity. When I go there , my body will fully change.

In the final period of my life, I will have a new body. When my body merges with Swami, it will have changed fully and will show my real form to the world. It is a form the world has never been seen before, the form of Mahalakshmi. This will also be transformed into light and merge in the physical form of Swami, proving this is the Avatar's body”

(“Avatar's Secret”, Chapter 9, page 65)


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