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Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

A wonderful, little book by Sri Vasantha Sai „Who Am I?” saw the light of day. The book was inspired by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. One day He materialized in Mukthi Nilayam, the ashram of Vasanthamma (Swami's Shakthi) a paper, entitled „Who Am I?”. Three clues were given to solve the riddle. After discussion and contemplation the answers were found. Sri Vasanthamma wrote an explanation, revealing the wisdom behind it. This is how Swami plays in Mukthi Nilayam and leads the ashramites to Truth.

The book “Who Am I?” is a masterpiece of wisdom and conciseness. It is full of the most precious pearls from the bottom of the Ocean of Wisdom. It contains riddles. There are three clues at the beginning of each riddle. You may yourself try to answer them. In this way you can start your journey of knowing the Self by the Self through the Self.


  • Born on a full moon day and raised in darkness.
  • Wisdom came when I renounced all.
  • I am known as the enlightened one.

This is Buddha. He was born on a full moon day. In his horoscope, it was foretold that he would become a sanyasi. Because his father was afraid, he was brought up inside the palace, so he could not know of the outer world. He was not allowed to know or see anything of the outside world and lived happily in the palace. He was married and a child was born.

One day, he saw a dead body and an elderly person. He contemplated. Why are people like this? He then renounced all and without anyone's knowledge went to the forest. There he performed penance and had the vision of Truth. It is for this reason he is known as the Buddha. A religion came after him called Buddhism.

Though he was hidden inside the palace, away from the world, he was destined by God to renounce all and become a great Buddha. It is due to the sankalpa of God that he left all. Who can stop the will of God?

My life was the same. I did not know the world outside my house. I was brought up within my house and did not go outside. If anybody died in the village and I heard the funeral drums, I would become afraid. My paternal grandmother also lay in bed paralysed for seven years. I was afraid to go near her. I thought: “Why does old age, disease and death come? They should not come to me.” I always prayed to God to escape from these.

Both my maternal and paternal uncles lived in separation from their families. As a child, I would always wonder why this was so. As I grew older, I then raised my mind and began to think: “Why the separation in the family of the Avatar?” It is these thoughts that are the basis for my journey so far.”

(pages 7-9)


  • I had a desire to make God my own.
  • I suffered a fatal blow and changed many fates.
  • My wish unfulfilled, I ran and inflamed another desire.

“I had the desire to make God my own.” Who is this? This is Vedavathi. She was performing severe penance to marry God. At that time, Ravana saw her and desired her. She was filled with hate for him. He tried to pull her violently, but she fell into the fire and left her body. At that time she cursed Ravana. If he ever touched any woman against her desire, his head would burst.

Vedavathi was reborn as Mother Sita. This is why Ravana was unable to touch Sita. Vedavathi was reborn as Sita to marry Rama. Thus, her desire to marry God was fulfilled. Many fates were changed as Ravana interfered with Sita, the whole clan of demons was destroyed. When Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were in the forest, seeing the golden deer, Sita desired it. It was this desire that separated her from God. Through her two desires, we see that even small desire is an obstacle to attaining God.

My entire life shows the state of desirelessness. Other than Swami, I desire nothing. I have no desires for either worldly or spiritual things. Clothes, shelter, relations, money, fame or crowd. I desire none of these. I only want my Swami. I have only one desire 24 hours a day, that is: “I want Swami.”

(pages 44-45)


  • I lost my life due to another's desire.
  • When I came again, I swam in the sea , but remained dry.
  • I will come again and live in the ideal family.

Here Swami asks: “Who am I?” This is Kamadeva. Kamadeva disturbed the penance of Lord Shiva by shooting his flower arrow at Him. The Lord then burned him to ash. Rathi Devi, the wife of Kamadeva, then went to Mahavishnu and asked Him to restore the life of her husband. The Lord promised that in the Krishna Avatar He would make Kamadeva His son. It is due to this that Kamadeva was born to Krishna and Rukmini as their child Pradyumna. However, six days after the child was born, an asura stole the baby and threw him in the sea. The baby was then swallowed by a huge fish, which was in turn caught by a fisherman who brought it to the palace of the demon Banasura. The fish was brought to the kitchen and given to the assistant cook. When she opened the fish, she found a baby inside and brought it up as her own. The cook was Rathi Devi reborn as Mayavathi. She taught the child all the Maya arts so that when the child grew up he was able to kill Banasura.

Pradyumna and Mayavathi then returned to Krishna's court and were married. Krishna revealed all to Rukmini only on the day of their marriage. Kamadeva's second birth was as Krishna and Rukmini's son.

When Swami and I come again in the Prema Avatar, Kamadeva will be reborn as our son, Rama. As we burn all the lust in the world, Kamadeva becomes our child. At that time, he will live in and ideal family of God.”

(pages 64-66)



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