Thought for the Day (17 February):

The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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Thought for the Day - January


January 1

Every second we are alive is an opportunity to be with God.


January 2

Sacrifice what you think is your duty. Your duty is to attain God.


January 3

When a man realizes that the peace he gets from worldly objects is not real and tries to find the source of real peace, then begins his spiritual journey.


January 4

Keep chanting God's name. Even if it is mechanical at the beginning, feelings will come.


January 5

The mind will always focus on the negative. Make it positive and say....”I love all.”


January 6

Karma will not affect the one who is free from self-interest and expectations.


January 7

One's every thought, word and deed should reflect God in him.


January 8

All that keeps you away from Gd is maya, illusion.


January 9

First the feeling arises, then the thought. We should discriminate before we make action. Think, is it good? Will it help me to attain God?


January 10

Love is the path to attain God.


January 11

Life is as feelings are.


January 12

Show your love to all but do not show too much affection towards any one person.


January 13

Speak sweetly, treat sweetly...from the heart, not from the mouth.


January 14

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, turn the task you are undertaking into an act of worship.


January 15

Love and more not hurt others.


January 16

Love for God alone is Prema. Everything else is attachment.


January 17

Like the candle which sacrifices itself to give light, spread your Prema to all in the world.


January 18

The love of a devotee, which is focused on God expands and expands to become God. Love is God. God is love.


January 19

Your thoughts at the moment of death create the seed for your next birth.


January 20

All your actions, both good or bad, will be recorded in the karmic record.


January 21

Attain bliss by going with the flow. Let God conduct your life according to His will.


January 22

Unfulfilled desires are the cause for our birth again and again.


January 23

Our life is a dream. When we awake from this dream, we will realize that all is the divine play of the Lord.


January 24

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.


January 25

Yoga is union with God. It is thinking of God 24 hours of the day.


January 26

Every moment we have to be aware of our behavior. We have to purify ourselves.


January 27

Don't find fault in others. Find the faults within yourself.


January 28

The same objects, which give us happiness in our youth, become like poison during old age. A life of sensual pleasure, forgetting God is like a poison in the end.


January 29

As oil flows in a continuous stream, so too should we think about God continuously.


January 30

When the presence of God is felt everywhere, the world and God merge to become one.


January 31

You cannot experience one thing without sacrificing another. This is the law of the world.


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