Thought for the Day (24 January):

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Thought for the Day - February


February 1

Whatever the trouble, pain or suffering, the only goal of our life should be holding onto the Lord's feet.


February 2

The mind absorbed in God becomes God himself.


February 3

How we die will show how we have lived.


February 4

The thought that predominates at the time of death, lays the foundation on which the next birth is built.


February 5

When we offer our actions to God, the impurities of the mind are slowly removed.


February 6

The man without attachment and desire is the wealthiest in the world.


February 7

The seed of bakthi lovingly planted grow into the tender plant of devotion protected by the fence of sadhana to yield the fruit of attainment called God.


February 8

The nameless and formless God takes many forms for the sake of devotees, The forms differ according to the nature of the worshiper.


February 9

Worship is the journey of the soul to perfection. True worship is always to be in thought of God.


February 10

True worship is to be always in the thoughts of God.


February 11

Crave for God, love Him. Tell Him that you want Him and Him only.


February 12

Why desire a worldly kingdom when the kingdom of God is waiting for us.


February 13

If the mind is peaceful, the body will not be afflicted.


February 14

The Lord gives liberation to those who want it and enjoyment to those who desire it.


February 15

Attachment and affection lead to confusion. Love for God leads to Self-realization.


February 16

Material wealth is perishable, but spiritual wealth is permanent.


February 17

The Gita is ... the nectar of salvation.


February 18

You can count the grains of sand on the seashore, but you can never fully understand the glories of God.


February 19

The ego can never reach the place which innocence attains.


February 20

A mind fixed on God will always be at peace.


February 21

Feelings centered on God help one to gain freedom from the cycle of birth and death.


February 22

Freedom is touching God with pure love. To touch the world is attachment.


February 23

Controlling the five senses is possible by showing no desire in the comforts obtained through them.


February 24

When we are filled with love for God, feelings like anger, hatred and jealousy do not touch us.


February 25

Desire to attain God sets you free. Desire for worldly things creates bondage.


February 26

What is birth? It is only a continuation of the previous birth.


February 27

Feelings alone are responsible for bondage or freedom.


February 28

The highest dharma of man is to attain God.


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