Thought for the Day (17 February):

The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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Thought for the Day - March


March 1

As the flame of a lamp kept in a windless place does not flicker, so the illuminated self is ever radiant.


March 2

Success will certainly be achieved when the path is walked in humility, without ego and by possessing full faith.


March 3

Feelings, thoughts and discrimination focused on spiritual goals lead to wisdom.


March 4

The maya of the world hides the truth. Realise the truth that the One appears as many.


March 5

God's true form is Truth.


March 6

We can realise the truth when we remove the thought „I am the body.”


March 7

Truth shines forth from a pure heart.


March 8

To know that peace lies within oneself is true knowledge.


March 9

Your feelings should touch only God, nothing else.


March 10

Let your eyes see only God, nothing else.


March 11

Let your ears hear only of God and nothing else.


March 12

Let your mouth speak only of truth, nothing else.


March 13

Total faith in God is greater and stronger than God Himself.


March 14

Your efforts to search for Truth are penance. It is through this penance that we acquire wisdom and it is through this wisdom that we experience bliss.


March 15

When one is always thinking of the Lord, he is always with Him.


March 16

The power of penance and one pointed Prema towards God is removing the karmas of the world and taking all to liberation.


March 17

Prema is pure, blissful Consciousness without body, mind, senses, intellect or ego. Its essence is beyond human comprehension.


March 18

Sacrifice and compassion are the two eyes of Prema.


March 19

Magic, miracle or mantra cannot transfer Prema from one heart to another. The required qualifications are simplicity, obedience and humility.


March 20

Human birth is fruitful only if one develops an insatiable spiritual thirst.


March 21

A pure heart reflects like a clean mirror.


March 22

True happiness lies in realising the Self.


March 23

When every action is offered to God, it becomes yoga.


March 24

If the mind is absorbed in one thing, then it becomes that thing itself. The mind absorbed in God, becomes God Himself.


March 25

Only by sadhana, sadhana and more sadhana, can a jeeva become Shiva.


March 26

Awake! Lend your ears to the divine call of the Lord. Make a determined effort right now to seek salvation.


March 27

There is always a battle going on between good qualities and bad qualities. We must churn the mind through self-analysis.


March 28

Like a raging flood, love for God has to surge from the depth of the heart.


March 29

A devotee who is saturated in God knows only one thing: God, God, God.


March 30

It is not important how we are born, but how we die.


March 31

One who does not hurt others by thought, word or deed is a true spiritual aspirant.


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