Thought for the Day (24 January):

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Thought for the Day - May


May 1

One cannot merge in the ocean of Brahman until ignorance and desire are left behind.


May 2

As the gates of wisdom opens one after another, we begin to see the golden light of truth.


May 3

The maya of the world hides the truth. Realise the truth that One appears as many.


May 4

Dispassion for the world destroys all desires and makes one empty.


May 5

On a journey, a family has many pieces of luggage. All share the load. It is not the same with karma, none can carry your karmic load for you.


May 6

Following spiritual teachings in thought, word and deed leads to discrimination and wisdom. Mere bookish knowledge is useless.


May 7

Desire only God. He alone is truth.


May 8

You are creating your life over and over again. Your feelings keep you in the cycle of birth and death.


May 9

Root of all feelings is the sense of touch. The basis for touch feeling is the body and the body results from birth.


May 10

You should direct all feelings towards God. This will bestow good fruits. These alone will liberate you.


May 11

Divert all your feelings towards God. Do you feel angry? Then feel angry with God saying, „Why did I not get your darshan?” Tell Him your feelings.


May 12

Our unfulfilled aspirations, desires and attachments continue in the next birth.


May 13

Our thoughts and feelings become the deep impressions that decide our next birth.


May 14

Our death, its place and time have already been decided. It will happen accordingly, nobody can change it.



We must remember that even the good we do can be an obstacle to having a vision of the Lord.


May 16

Wisdom is incomplete, if it has not been put into practice.


May 17

Mukthi will only be obtained by sacrificing everything.


May 18

It is only through the constant practice of trying to transform oneself that truth is revealed.


May 19

When we tolerate the troubles, while performing our deeds without faltering in our duty, it becomes tapas (spiritual practice).


May 20

We should only speak about those things that we ourselves have put into practice.


May 21

Sacrifice is the key to Truth.


May 22

We can realise Truth when we remove the thought „I am the body.”


May 23

One should develop a mind that will not be touched by anybody or anything.


May 24

Who can limit the infinite space? Who can place conditions on the boundless ocean? In the same way, the all-pervasive Prema has no rules or regulations.


May 25

Morning to night if we dedicate our feelings to God, it is akin to performing 24 hour pooja.


May 26

Internal worship is much more effective than showy ritual.


May 27

The quality of our devotion is a direct reflection of the state of our mind.


May 28

Sacrifice thrives through Prema and Prema grows through sacrifice.


May 29

Practice small acts of sacrifice and see for yourself the happiness that you derive.


May 30

Immortality is only attained through sacrifice. When we sacrifice worldly life for God , the effect of karma disappears.


May 31

The only way to secure real peace is through the path of sacrifice.


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