Thought for the Day (17 February):

The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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Thought for the Day - June


June 1

We must sacrifice the fruits of action. Only then will we attain God.


June 2

The goal of all yogas is to take you back from where you came, to God.


June 3

Like the water drop that falls of the lotus leaf, we should lead detached lives, not allowing anything to touch us.


June 4

We are born in the world only to learn lessons.


June 5

Feelings are vital on the journey to reach God.


June 6

If you want to speak with God and to hear His voice, feelings alone are important.


June 7

With pure feelings we can have the vision of truth.


June 8

Love without attachment is divine. This is God.


June 9

In the beginning see the world as maya. After turning within and seeing the vision of God inside, one should then see the entire world as God.


June 10

Only by touching God can we get permanent peace.


June 11

If we tie our mind with the Lord, it will come under control and the world will not touch us.


June 12

The mind follows where the eyes go, giving rise to desire.


June 13

Truth cleanses the mind. Speaking truth is inner purity.


June 14

Perform your duties skillfully and without attachment. The mind should not be directed towards the results, but be totally absorbed in thoughts of God.


June 15

Truth is God. We can attain God by speaking truth.


June 16

If we taste the nectar of Lord`s name, then the mind will not think about other tastes.


June 17

Just as the earth bears the man who plunders her, it is good to plunder those who wrong us.


June 18

The departing soul carries his karmic load and thus is reborn on earth.


June 19

We should realise that this existence is nothing but a life long dream.


June 20

Our feelings are responsible for the creation of our lives.


June 21

We think that the food is the reason for health. Actually, it is our feelings that affect our health.


June 22

If our feelings are pure, we will enjoy strength and vigor.


June 23

God is love. Expressing this love is man`s dharma.


June 24

The five elements directly affect the five senses. If we are not pure, the five elements will lose their purity. Therefore each of us is responsible to bring harmony to five elements.


June 25

There is one Universal Consciousness. Our feelings connect us to this Universal Consciousness.


June 26

Your feelings turned towards God will make you God.


June 27

Pure thoughts make man God. Impure thoughts make man an animal.


June 28

Prema does not know shame. It cannot be controlled by anyone or anything. It is not dependent on anything it is ever free.


June 29

Love purifies air and sanctifies the earth.


June 30

A jeeva`s feelings of devotion are offered through his 101 nadis to the Indweller „God”. In turn, he receives knowledge of the Self.

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