Thought for the Day (24 January):

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Thought for the Day - July


July 1

God is not male nor female. In truth, God is genderless.


July 2

God consumes our love more and more and shines effulgently in the heart cave.



The jeeva should become empty of desire. The ego should cease to exist.


July 4

The life sheaths that cover the self should be separated. This is performed through the path of self-enquiry: discriminating the real from unreal.


July 5

A Jeevan muktha is liberated while in the human body. He is in absolute peace, content in the Self.


July 6

The accumulated fruits of penance are like savings in the bank accruing interest.


July 7

The only way to prevent nature`s fury is to spread love to all.


July 8

God`s creation is interdependent. In order to maintain balance, each and everything that we take for our use, should be repaid.


July 9

If man follows his conscience, the five elements will be in harmony.


July 10

The greed of man for the earth`s resources disturb the balance in nature.


July 11

True Prema does not require body or marriage; feelings alone are enough.


July 12

Prema is beyond name, form, place and time.


July 13

Put God in you. Put you in God.


July 14

Bondage with family gives birth. Bondage with God gives liberation.


July 15

See good in everything. That is God.


July 16

Brahma does not write our destiny. We write our destiny.


July 17

Problems are passing clouds. Devotion is the only salvation.


July 18

Why are we born? Who am I? Think, think again and again.


July 19

The world is a mirror you see yourself in.


July 20

What is the use of having the darshan of God without practicing His teachings?


July 21

Don`t hurt anyone; because God is in everyone.


July 22

„Love all...” Make this your mantra.


July 23

The face is the mirror of the mind, so always be happy.


July 24

The world is maya, illusion. Without being caught in it, we should think only of God and live for Him alone.


July 25

We should dedicate everything to God and become empty of all desires.


July 26

We must do sadhana and attain Mukthi then offer ourselves totally.


July 27

When a devotee lives only for God, God comes in search of the devotee.


July 28

Feeling take form and become life.


July 29

The jeeva runs towards God, seeking and calling. The Lord praises the beauty of his effort and runs towards him, taking him into His fold.


July 30

We can attain Mukthi here, itself right now.


July 31

We must see everything as the Lord`s play. Realise that the universe is the play of the Supreme consciousness.

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