Thought for the Day (24 January):

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Thought for the Day - August


August 1

There is only One who has many.


August 2

One may be good or bad, but the Lord is the Indweller of all.


August 3

If someone troubles you, enjoy that person`s angry mood as if it were the Lord`s.


August 4

If you take everything as the Lord`s leela, you will enjoy bliss.


August 5

Bondage is the mind caught in duality. It is the differences we see.


August 6

Mukthi is freedom from bondage; it is the bliss of oneness.


August 7

Connect everyone and everything to God. See only the good in all; then their life force will flow into you.


August 8

„Yath bhavam tat bhavathi” As you think so you become. The bhava by which you live takes form in reality.


August 9

When goddess Parvathi comes to your rescue; Lord Shiva will follow.


August 10

The nameless, formless One pervades all the truth.


August 11

One can find innumerable ways to shower devotion on God.


August 12

Everything is God; there is nowhere He is not.


August 13

We should expand the circle of love by thinking all is God.


August 14

„Aham Brahmasmi”. Each one of us should realise this truth.


August 15

It is your feelings, which give you birth, name and form.


August 16

Cut worldly ideas and knowledge. Connect every object with divine knowledge. Then you can see the cosmic form of the Lord.


August 17

When you connect everything to God, you become God.


August 18

How are we to live? It is in our hands, not God`s!


August 19

Intense sadhana must be done to turn the mind and senses towards God.


August 20

When in continuous thoughts of God, there is no body consciousness, Prema becomes our body.


August 21

One's feelings should be entirely centered on God.
Whatever one speaks,
Whatever one eats,
Whatever one thinks,
Wherever one goes,
If his sight is centered on God, he will not be touched by the world.


August 22

When you start loving everyone and everything, the pranic energy in them will flow into you...the inherent divine power comes to us.


August 23

The omniscient power of God pervades the whole universe.


August 24

Love without attachment is divine. This is God.


August 25

The primal inseparable energy in every soul is the omniscient power of God.


August 26

When people with the same nature pray with the single objective, their goal is realized.


August 27

The measure of Sathya revealed is dependent on the individuals capacity to grasp it.


August 28

Sathya can be attained only through love.


August 29

Through the path of sadhana the sadhaka rises higher and higher in spirituality.


August 30

It is only through sadhana and transformation that God can be attained.


August 31

Through the many attachments that we create with husband, wife, children, parents and relatives, we suffer in this world and are born again and again.


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