Thought for the Day (24 January):

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Thought for the Day - September


September 1

We are only the caretakers of the Lord`s creation. We do not own anything.


September 2

What is the use of liberation attained after death? Can one experience it after death? The bliss of Sai is supreme to any heavenly bliss. Experience the sweet nectar of Sai here and now.


September 3

As oil flows in a continuous stream, so too we should think continuously about God.


September 4

The Lord will reside only in a pure guileless heart.


September 5

We should think „all are my family, my neighbours , the street, all belongs to me”. By linking hands with all, one experiences Universal love.


September 6

We have to adhere to our own dharma, our righteous duty, regardless of the innumerable hurdles on our part.


September 7

Living a life of detachment is liberation.


September 8

Can anyone limit love? Narrow mindedness does not allow the experience of limitless love; it only finds fault.


September 9

All is God. Everything is God; there is nothing but God.


September 10

What is the Atma? It is pure consciousness. It is something that is indestructible, birthless and deathless.


September 11

A Yogi who has obtained enlightenment has the same use of the Vedas as one has for a small pond in a place flooded with water!


September 12

Before birth, feelings pervade the space without form. They search for the right vessel, time, place and parents. Once the feelings obtain a suitable vessel, God the Indweller enters.


September 13

The feelings that arise in one from the time of birth till death become deep impressions in the mind.


September 14

Prajnana is inner knowing; it is the supreme wisdom within each of us.


September 15

Intuition is the faculty of knowing with awareness and perception.


September 16

Divinity is our true nature. Realizing this truth and not being deluded by anything else is the beauty of wisdom.


September 17

Intuition is clouded by personal likes and dislikes.


September 18

Conscience is the inner voice that corrects us when we go wrong. It is the voice of truth and honesty.


September 19

There should not be the slightest trace of impurity in Prema. It should be pure and absolute.


September 20

Prema is not the love for God alone; it is love for the entire creation.


September 21

Infinite Prema is Prajnana, „Supreme wisdom.”


September 22

Truth is realised when one sees God in His creation.


September 23

A sadkaka should be filled with sathwa guna to the extent that he is not aware of his own state.


September 24

We have taken birth in this body only to undertake sadhana. Even if we are rewarded with the darshan of God, we must continue sadhana until our last breadth.


September 25

God is everywhere and in everything. Do not push anything away saying it is maya. Whatever happens, accept and experience it as it is.


September 26

Every man is born from God and must merge back into Him.


September 27

A jeeva who has merged in pure consciousness cannot return.


September 28

Self-realization is the true end of the journey. The final state is Jeevan muktha.


September 29

Our mind is stained and dirty with waste and impurities collected over many lifetimes. We have to go through the ordeal of cleansing the mind.


September 30

Wisdom purifies the mind so that all our experiences are true.

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