Thought for the Day (17 February):

The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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Thought for the Day - October


October 1

Atma darshan is the vision of the soul; it is Self realization.


October 2

A true brahmachari is one who keeps his mind ever absorbed in the Lord.


October 3

The Lord reveals His true form only when one has completely surrendered, emptying his mind of all wants and desires.


October 4

Only when our mind is purified will we be able to see the clear reflection of the Lord and hear His true voice.


October 5

Birth is the root cause of all pains and sorrows.


October 6

What is Prema? It is boundless love for God without expecting anything in return.


October 7

Can name, fame and a group of followers reveal God to you?


October 8

Those who truly seek God will not want siddhi powers because they are obstacles on the path of realization.


October 9

Only the one who has humility to learn from the tiniest of creatures can attain God.


October 10

Every day our life is getting shorter. Should we not be doing so mething to attain the goal of realisation?


October 11

No darkness of illusion
No danger of twin action
No dark clouds of delusion
Hear sweet music of devotion.
It is the dawn of Truth
The blossoming of spirit
Every place I see
Quiet in Divinity.


October 12

Through the power of a controlled and one pointed mind, pure thoughts and feelings arise.


October 13

We have to dedicate ourselves to the Lord`s feet entirely pure.


October 14

We belong to the Lord and none other than Him.


October 15

The Lord created us in His image, as the children of nectarine immortality.


October 16

When the time is right, the Lord will break the shell and release us.


October 17

God is the only guru...


October 18

Truth exists as truth.


October 19

Truth will be revealed fully when the soul has merged completely with God.


October 20

Let God conduct your life according to His will.


October 21

Through continuous and sincere effort one can win the grace of the Lord.


October 22

If you have the slightest trace of personal likes, desires or ego, truth will not be fully seen.


October 23

When you shower love on God, you will have the true face of Prema.


October 24

Carry the form of the Lord`s name in your heart and you will be able to speak with Him directly.


October 25

In the presence of God, money, name and fame, all amount to nothing. Desire only God.


October 26

The mind is a mad monkey, do not follow it, discriminate using your intellect.


October 27

If you chant a mantra continuously, it becomes as natural as breathing.


October 28

Why have we been born? Have we taken birth again and again just to die? We are born to become free and to live as ideal examples to others.


October 29

Permanent happiness is union with God.


October 30

Free yourself from the trap of maya, desire only God.


October 31

Only a clean mirror, one who is free from the dirt of ego and desire will shine in truth.

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