Thought for the Day (24 January):

Attaining God is the only way to release ourselves from the disease of birth and death.

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Thought for the Day - November


November 1

The vibrations that spread through the power of devotion and Prema are more powerful than those through siddhi power.


November 2

Do not aspire for the outer world, praise, prosperity, anyone or anything. You should aspire only for God.


November 3

As the quality of our devotion becomes more refined, the distance between God and us reduces and things happen by themselves.


November 4

The revelation of Truth does not happen so easily. One has to be entirely pure.


November 5

The God in you reflects your nature.


November 6

Only in the pure thoughtless state can you hear God`s true voice.


November 7

The Lord reveals Himself according to the devotees effort.


November 8

It is the feelings of each soul that create the form of the Lord.


November 9

A small desire of a soul who is merged in God consciousness takes a cosmic form and benefits the entire creation.


November 10

Like a raging flood love for God has to surge from the depths of the heart. It cannot be learned or known by reading books.


November 11

Feelings take form.


November 12

A stingy person counts every penny before spending. Similarly, think about God without wasting one second. Refuse to spend your time on any other matter. Then, stinginess can be turned into Yoga.


November 13

Lust obscures wisdom. Born of passion, it enters the senses, shows them all sorts of desires, envelops true knowledge like an insatiable fire and eventually leads to destruction.


November 14

We are the cause for both our suffering and salvation.


November 15

Everything is within us.


November 16

With the sword of dispassion and through the power of intellect, destroy the enemy called lust.


November 17

All can know God and become God through sadhana.


November 18

When the light of pure consciousness is revealed, the body shines with a divine radiance.


November 19

„I” is symbolic of the ego; through self-effort one attains the inner „I”. This is Self-realization.


November 20

Through the path of sadhana one goes further and has the vision of the all pervading Universal „I”. This is God realization.


November 21

Do not limit Sathya to Vedas and Upanishads alone. Truth is all-pervading. It belongs to everyone.


November 22

The devotion we have for God will turn undesirable qualities into virtues.


November 23

The power of sacrifice reveals truth.


November 24

One should realise that benefit comes through the power of our own faith and devotion and not because of any person or thing external to us.


November 25

Our experiences are reflection of our own feelings.


November 26

We should follow the exemplary lives of sages and great souls and only depend on the Truth that is our very self.


November 27

Only when the form and feeling are in harmony can it be said that truth is experienced.


November 28

Truth cannot be attained in its entirety until all traces of duality are removed from the mind.


November 28

When you show one pointed devotion to God with pure heart, wisdom will arise and show the light of truth.


November 30

This world is an expression of our thoughts and feelings. It is a mirror.

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