Thought for the Day (17 February):

The Gita is...the nectar of salvation.

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Thought for the Day - December


December 1

Prema and sacrifice are like parallel lines. Sacrifice increases through Prema and Prema grows due to sacrifice.


December 2

Ordinary love for another is not real. Man longs for bliss and love thinking that he can derive it from another. In truth, love flows from one`s self.


December 3

Your Prema should make God speak to you.


December 4

Even if you cannot do anything to make others happy, do not spoil their happiness.


December 5

Through dispassion, divert the mind from going to the senses. They are the enemies of eternal bliss.


December 6

Sanctify your daily tasks by performing all actions as offerings to God.


December 7

For love to grow a relationship is needed. God is your only true friend ; therefore, take Him with you always.


December 8

The world is a mirror. What man sees is his own reflection. All forms are verily you!


December 9

Life without Prema is death.


December 10

If you shower love on all, love will return to you.


December 11

If you transform yourself, you will find that all opposition and hatred will disappear.


December 12

Everyone has his or her own individual nature. Based on these differing natures, the form and method of worship change.


December 13

We should feel ourselves with selfless love, Prema. We should realise that God alone is in all, in every aspect of creation.


December 14

See everything from the worm to Brahma as a reflection of God.


December 15

As we are covered by the veil of ignorance, we see others as different from us.


December 16

It should always bee remembered that there is nothing unchanging except God.


December 17

One cannot become free if there is fear.


December 18

If you consider one as your enemy, that thought reflects in him and he thinks you are his enemy.


December 19

If anyone harms you, you should not harm him in return.
If we show love in return, the evil feelings will vanish.


December 20

Each word that comes from our mouth dictate how we live our life.


December 21

Every thought that comes to our mind decides how we live.


December 22

It is not important what we offer to God, but how we offer it to Him.


December 23

As iron is melted and made into cast iron, so spiritual discipline is achieved by melting one`s life again and again in devotion.


December 24

As the flame of a lamp kept in a windless place does not flicker, so illumined Self is ever radiant.


December 25

There is only one God. The truth is that all are His children.


December 26

Do not desire to experience all, but offer worship to the God in all.


December 27

Any action that is performed wholeheartedly with one pointed attention reveals love.


December 28

Everything has the characteristic of likeability, the capacity to invoke attachment and love as a result of usability.


December 29

Another name for devotion is beauty.


December 30

Even God has to descend on earth as He wants to experience.


December 31

When Sathya and Prema unite, a new world of Prema, Wisdom and Truth will be created.

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